These quests originate in Jeuno. They have been sorted by fame so you may figure out which ones need to be done quicker. Non-reputation specific quests are listed at the end, along with Quests that have not had a confirmed Reputation Level. You may check your Reputation by speaking to Mendi at (H-8) in Lower Jeuno.

Level 0: You call yourself <Name>? Well, I've never heard of you. You may be somebody in your little hometown, but things are different here. All roads load to Jeuno. It's not easy to make a name for yourself with all these people here. If you're really so famous back home, then word should reach here eventually. For now, just finish what you've started. Fame and fortune should follow.

Level 1: <Name>, eh? Hmm... That name is vaguely familiar... But I'm afraid few in this town have heard of you. Just keep working at it. You'll make a name for yourself eventually.

Level 2: Oh, so you're <Name>... Yes, I heard some travelers in a tavern talk about you. It seems you've a reputation. If you keep doing whatever you're doing, I'm sure more Jeunoans will come seeking your help. Good luck.

Level 3: <Name>! You have become well known in these parts! I hear much of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work, and greatness lies in your future.

Level 4: Hello, <Name>! I hear your name mentioned quite often these days. You've done well, my friend. Keep at it.

Level 5: Hello, <Name>! A good deal of people here in Jeuno know about you! And they all say you're quite the do-gooder! Thank you for serving our fair city. Keep up the good work!

Level 6: Why, it's <Name>! Your growing reputation precedes you. We hope your already substantial contributions to our humble city will continue to grow with time.

Level 7: Why, hello, <Name>. I say, literally everyone in Jeuno knows your name. It is my pleasure to inform you how impressed we are with your service to Jeuno. We hope to see more of your commendable generosity in the future!

Level 8: Lord <Name>! To all citizens here, your name is synonymous with courage and sacrifice. Not a day goes by without hearing of your saintlike service to Jeuno. I speak for all of Jeuno when I express my sincerest appreciation for your generosity. Indeed, bards shall sing of your virtues for ages to come!

Level 9: You have emerged as a hero to the people of Jeuno. Just the sound of your name strikes courage in their hearts. As a representative of its citizens, I humbly ask you to continue your efforts for the good of the Duchy.

Reputation Level 1

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  A Minstrel in Despair General Mertaire   LowJeuno I-8 1
  Community Service General Zauko   LowJeuno I-6 1
  Lure of the Wildcat General - NPC Ajithaam   UpJeuno F-5 1
  Pretty Little Things Mog House
Exit Upgrade
Zona Shodhun   PortJeuno E-8 1

Reputation Level 2

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  Your Crystal Ball General Kurou-Morou   LowJeuno I-7 2

Reputation Level 3

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  The Goblin Tailor RSE Guttrix   LowJeuno H-10 3
  Collect Tarut Cards General Chululu   LowJeuno I-8 3
  The Antique Collector Map Imasuke   PortJeuno E-6 3
  Child's Play General Karl   PortJeuno H-8 3
  Cook's Pride General Naruru   LowJeuno H-10 3
  The Gobbiebag Part I Gobbiebag Bluffnix   LowJeuno H-9 3
  The Wonder Magic Set General Panta-Putta   LowJeuno H-10 3

Reputation Level 4

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  A Candlelight Vigil General Ilumida   UpJeuno G-8 4
  Candle-making General Rouliette   UpJeuno H-9 4
  The Gobbiebag Part II Gobbiebag Bluffnix   LowJeuno H-9 4
  The Lost Cardian General Panta-Putta   LowJeuno G-10 4
  Northward Map Radeivepart   RuLudeGard H-9 4
  Rubbish Day General Chululu   LowJeuno I-8 4
  Save My Sister General Baudin   UpJeuno G-8 4

Reputation Level 5

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  A Clock Most Delicate General Galmut   UpJeuno H-7 5
  The Clockmaster General Galmut   UpJeuno H-7 5
  The Gobbiebag Part III Gobbiebag Bluffnix   LowJeuno H-9 5
  The Gobbiebag Part IV Gobbiebag Bluffnix   LowJeuno H-9 5
  Never to Return General Kurou-Morou   LowJeuno I-7 5
  Save the Clock Tower General Derrick   LowJeuno H-7 5

Reputation Level 6

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  The Gobbiebag Part V Gobbiebag Bluffnix   LowJeuno H-9 6
  The Gobbiebag Part VI Gobbiebag Bluffnix   LowJeuno H-9 6
  Searching for the Right Words Spell Ilumida   UpJeuno G-8 6

Reputation Level 7

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  The Gobbiebag Part VII Gobbiebag Bluffnix   LowJeuno H-9 7
  The Gobbiebag Part VIII Gobbiebag Bluffnix   LowJeuno H-9 7

Reputation Level 8

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  The Gobbiebag Part IX Gobbiebag Bluffnix   LowJeuno H-9 8

Reputation Level 9

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  The Gobbiebag Part X Gobbiebag Bluffnix   LowJeuno H-9 9

Quests unaffected by Reputation

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  Apocalypse Nigh General Esha'ntarl   RuLudeGard ZM/PM complete
  Atop the Highest Mountains (Level Cap #2) Maat   RuLudeGard H-5 --
  BCNM BCNM Shami(Orb Seller)   RuLudeGard H-8 --
  Beyond the Sun General Maat   RuLudeGard H-5 --
  Blessed Radiance General - NPC Luto Mewrilah   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Blighted Gloom General - NPC Luto Mewrilah   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Chameleon Capers General - NPC Luto Mewrilah   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Chocobo on the Loose! Chocobo Raising Brutus   UpJeuno G-7 --
  Chocobo's Wounds General Brutus   UpJeuno G-7 --
  Clash of the Comrades General - NPC Luto Mewrilah   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Crest of Davoi General Baudin   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Empty Memories (R) General Harith   RuLudeGard H-5 PM1-1 complete
  Girl in the Looking Glass General - NPC Luto Mewrilah   UpJeuno G-8 --
  In Defiant Challenge (Level Cap #1) Maat   RuLudeGard H-5 --
  In the Mood for Love General Odasel   LowJeuno H-9 PM3-2 complete
  Kazham Airship Pass Travel Guddal   Guddal PortJeuno I-7 --
  The Kind Cardian General Apururu   WindWoods H-9 ---
  Mirror, Mirror General - NPC Luto Mewrilah   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Mirror Images General - NPC Luto Mewrilah   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Mixed Signals General - NPC Ratoto   UpJeuno I-10 --
  Mysteries of Beadeaux I General Sattal-Mansal   LowJeuno J-8 Mission 4-1
  Mysteries of Beadeaux II General Sattal-Mansal   LowJeuno J-8 Mission 4-1
  The Old Monument General Mertaire   LowJeuno I-8 --
  Past Reflections General - NPC Luto Mewrilah   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Regaining Trust General - NPC Luto Mewrilah   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Riding on the Clouds (Level Cap #4) Maat   RuLudeGard H-5 --
  The Road to Aht Urhgan General Faursel   LowJeuno J-8 --
  Shadows of the Departed General Esha'ntarl   RuLudeGard PM complete
  Shattering Stars (Level Cap #5) Maat   RuLudeGard H-5 --
  Storms of Fate General Esha'ntarl   RuLudeGard PM complete
  Tenshodo Membership General Ghebi Damomohe   LowJeuno I-7 --
  Unlisted Qualities General - NPC Luto Mewrilah   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Whence Blows the Wind (Level Cap #3) Maat   RuLudeGard H-5 --

Quests with unconfirmed Reputation

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  A Chocobo's Tale General Nevela   UpJeuno G-7 ?
  A Reputation in Ruins General Migliorozz   UpJeuno H-9 ?
  Ducal Hospitality (R) General Taillegeas   RuLudeGard I-7 ?
  Hook, Line, and Sinker General Omer   LowJeuno G-10 ?
  The Miraculous Dale General Rakuru-Rakoru   LowJeuno I-6 ?

Quests with Tenshodo Reputation

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  Beat Around the Bushin General Vola   LowJeuno J-8 Tenshodo 6
  Deal with Tenshodo General Garnev LowJeuno J-7 ?
  Fistful of Fury General Vola LowJeuno J-8 Tenshodo 4

Job-Specific/Weapon-Specific Quests

Quest Type Starter Location Reputation
  A Furious Finale Dancer Limit Break Laila   UpJeuno G-7 --
  A New Dawn Artifact Armor (BST AF3) Dietmund   LowJeuno G-11 --
  Axe the Competition Axe Weapon Skill Brutus   UpJeuno G-8 --
  Borghertz's Calling Hands SMN Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Chasing Hands RNG Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Dragon Hands DRG Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Harmonious Hands BRD Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Healing Hands WHM Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Loyal Hands SAM Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Lurking Hands NIN Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Shadowy Hands DRK Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Sneaky Hands THF Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Sorcerous Hands BLM Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Stalwart Hands PLD Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Striking Hands MNK Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Vermillion Hands RDM Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Warring Hands WAR Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  Borghertz's Wild Hands BST Artifact Armor Guslam   UpJeuno H-8 --
  The Circle of Time (BRD AF3) Imasuke   PortJeuno E-6 --
  Comeback Queen Artifact Armor (DNC AF3) Laila   UpJeuno G-7 --
  Lakeside Minuet Dancer Flag Quest Laila   UpJeuno G-7 --
  Painful Memory Artifact Armor (BRD AF1) Mertaire   LowJeuno I-8 --
  Path of the Bard Bard Flag Quest Mertaire   LowJeuno I-8 --
  Path of the Beastmaster BST Job Brutus   LowJeuno H-8 --
  The Requiem Artifact Armor (BRD AF2) Bki Tbujhja   LowJeuno H-8 --
  The Road to Divadom Artifact Armor (DNC AF2) Laila   UpJeuno G-7 --
  Save My Son Beastmaster Flag Quest Dietmund   LowJeuno G-11 --
  Scattered into Shadow Artifact Armor (BST AF2) Brutus   UpJeuno G-7 --
  The Unfinished Waltz Artifact Armor (DNC AF1) Laila   UpJeuno G-7 --
  Wings of Gold Artifact Armor (BST AF1) Brutus   UpJeuno G-7 --
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