Jettons is the currency used for Pankration and related items.

Players can hold a maximum of 100,000,000 Jettons. They are used to buy Soultrappers, Soul Plates, other items useful in capturing images, and to pay various Pankration fees for services such as forging a Soul Reflector.

Obtaining Jettons

Zandjarl will convert Imperial currency into Jettons

Currency Jettons IS/Jetton
Imperial Bronze Piece 1 20
Imperial Silver Piece 10 10
Imperial Mythril Piece 30 6.67
Imperial Gold Piece 200 5

Historical Background

A Jetton (Also Jeton in France, and Rechen-pfennig in Germany) was a small coin-like object used in the calculation of accounts. The earliest known example of specially struck jettons seem to be from mid 13th century France, and other examples are known from all over Europe. Jettons were derived from pebbles or pieces of pottery (the Romans, for example, used "calculi", which translates to limestones or pebbles, which is the origin of the English word "calculation"), however a true jetton is metallic and struck much like a coin. They are distinct from coins, however; jettons were generally made from copper or brass, and never have an indication of value. Silver jettons were occasionally used, and gold jettons were very rare indeed.

In the 16th century, jettons were used to propagate political messages and glorify the deeds of the ruler - the need for propaganda delivered through jettons was so great that they continued to be struck long after jettons ceased to be used as counters. In France and the Netherlands this new image of the jetton began about the end of the 16th century, and they became a small commemorative medal only suitable as a collectors item. The development in Germany was slightly different. In the course of the 17th century the counters became smaller and smaller, for little by little they were only used as chips for card-playing.