Jack of Spades
Jack of Spades


Can be traded Adventurer Coupon for those starting in Windurst Woods.
Offers General Information and a Map of Windurst:

Allow me to assist you if you are lost. What can Jack do for you?
  • "To show you a map of Windurst.": [Displays an overview map of Windurst]
  • "How to give items to townsfolk.": Interchange of items and money between people and things is called "Trading." First target entity to interact with. Nothing happens unless reciever is properly targeted. Open main menu. Press "Trade" button. Next choose items to hand over! Press "Confirm" button! Targeted entity should receive items.
  • "How to go outside and battle.": Before setting out to battle: Confirm equipment is properly equipped! Magic-users "Use" spell scrolls on themselves to learn magic! Before commencing battle wiht monster: "Check" monster to confirm its strength! After battle is won: Look for "Spoils" dropped by monsters. If in party, "Cast Lots" for spoils!
  • "About quests and missions.": Quests are requests for help from ordinary townsfolk. It pays to help people in need. Missions are official requests for assistance made by the Windurst authorities. You can receive missions from the guards at the town's gatehouse.
  • "Nothing in particular.": Feel free to ask next time you need Jack's help. Over and out!
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