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Job-Specific Equipment Reforging Campaign (06/30/2017)
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JSE Reforging Campaign jul2017
The following campaigns will be available on
Tuesday, July 11 from 1:00 a.m. (PDT).[1]

Event period
Tuesday, July 11, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Monday, July 31 at 7:59 a.m.

  • Additional Seal Battlefield Spoils Campaign

During this campaign, vanquishing specific monsters in the battlefields below will reward you with a variety of items, including materials needed to craft +2 empyrean equipment, Mog Bonanza kupons, Dynamis currency, and valuable synthesis materials.
Also during this campaign, Shemo in Port Jeuno (H-8) will exchange seals and crests at a reduced rate of 2:1.

Orb(Price) Available
Name Entry Restrictions Monsters
Phobos Orb(30 Kindred's Crests) Horalis Peak Kindergarten Cap All Levels 15 minutes 3 person party Malodorous Mort
Waughroon Shrine The Palborough Project All Levels 15 minutes 3 person party Mahuika
Balga's Dais The V Formation All Levels 15 minutes 3 person party Kutkha
Deimos Orb(50 Kindred's Crests) Horalis Peak Last Orc-Shunned Hero All Levels 30 minutes 6 person party Bruteborn Krushkosh
Bonesetter Medkvok
Crackshot Zwogchog
Wyvernking Dragzagg
Waughroon Shrine Shell Shocked All Levels 30 minutes 6 person party Ga'Khu Bloodglee
Ro'Mho Unrelenting
Vu'Dhe Impervious
Zi'Pha Foecrippler
Chamber of Oracles Dargon Scales All Levels 30 minutes 6 person party Ekhis
Sacrificial Chamber Whom Wilt Thou Call All Levels 30 minutes 6 person party Grievous Gozar
Puffy Marshmaw
Slimey Simeon
Zymotic Zuulie
Zelos Orb(30 High Kindred's Crests) Boneyard Gully Agnostic Ambuscade All Levels 15 minutes 6 person party Antiphus
Bearclaw Pinnacle Taurassic Park All Levels 15 minutes 6 person party Predataur x 5
Bia Orb(50 High Kindred's Crests) Mine Shaft #2716 The Mobline Comedy All Levels 15 minutes 6 person party Buggesy
Monarch Linn Nest of Nightmares All Levels 15 minutes 6 person party Gullinkambi
  • Delve Campaign – PLUS

Delve will receive the following adjustments for the duration of the campaign.
- Players will earn double the usual amount of Mweya Plasm from defeating Delve monsters.
- Twice the usual amount of Mweya Plasm will drop when clearing Delve.
- Monsters may drop Airlixirs +1 and Airlixirs +2 when vanquished.

  • Abyssea Campaign

During the campaign, the default light values of pearlescent, azure, golden, and silver auras will be drastically increased.
In addition, a blue treasure chest has been placed near Horst in Port Jeuno (H-8). Opening the chest will enable you to claim one of the following prizes:
- Eleven varieties of Atma
- One Lunar Abyssite key item
- 100,000 cruor
* Those who have received the rewards in previous campaigns are not eligible.

  • Double Unity Accolade Campaign

Unity accolade gains from completing Records of Eminence objectives and vanquishing monsters are doubled!

  • Vagary Campaign

The rate at which Etching items drop from enemies has been increased. Additionally, exchanging the following key items at the Odyssean Passage in Leafallia (H-8) will yield two additional rewards*.
Fabricated Ward of Biting Winds / Fabricated Ward of Miasma / Fabricated Ward of Impurity / Fabricated Ward of Ashen Wings / Fabricated Ward of the False King
* These are the same rewards as those available via the dialogue option "Whatever the master deems worthy."

  • Voidwatch Campaign

All lights start at their maximum alignment values during the campaign.
* Does not include Beguiling Radiance, Seductive Radiance, Maddening Radiance, or Provenance Watcher.

  • Unity Wanted Campaign

During the campaign, completing Wanted I, Wanted II, and Wanted III Records of Eminence objectives will yield 2 treasure chests of each type.

  • High-Tier Mission Battlefield Campaign

The number of personal drops in the following battlefields will be increased by one, and players will receive either a pluton, a pluton case, a pluton box, a chunk of beitetsu, a beitetsu case, a beitetsu box, a riftborn boulder, a boulder case, or a boulder box.

★Ark Angels 1 / ★Ark Angels 2 / ★Ark Angels 3 / ★Ark Angels 4 / ★Ark Angels 5
★Return to Delkfutt's Tower / ★The Celestial Nexus / ★The Savage / ★The Warrior's Path
★Puppet in Peril / ★Legacy of the Lost / ★Rank 5 Mission / ★Head Wind
★One to be Feared / ★Dawn / ★Pentacide Perpetrator / ★Trial by Fire / ★Trial by Ice
★Trial by Wind / ★Trial by Earth / ★Trial by Lightning / ★Trial by Water
★The Moonlit Path / ★Waking the Beast / ★Waking Dreams
* Higher quality items will drop more frequently on higher difficulties.

  • Dynamis Granules of Time Campaign

Players will automatically receive all types of granules of time upon entering Dynamis.

  • Omen Job Card Campaign

Omen job cards will receive the following improvements for the duration of the campaign.
- It is easier to obtain job cards upon clearing additional objectives.
- It is easier to obtain job cards when defeating lesser monsters along specific routes.

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  1. Job-Specific Equipment Reforging Campaign (06/30/2017)
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