Iyvah Halohm

Reputation Dialog

Reputation Level Adoulin Reputation Text
1 What'd you say your name was? ...<name>? Never heard it before. Prrrobably because it's not worth hearing. Can you even name one herrroic feat you've accomplished here?
2 Your name's...<name>?

Sounds vaguely familiar, like some nonsense a derranged beggar would mutter to himself in the alleyways.

3 Your name is <Name>, is it? Surprisingly enough, I do remember hearing it.

Too bad I forget why.

4 I'll admit that some people in Adoulin might know your name, but don't let that go to your head. You still haven't prrroven yourself one bit in my eyes.
5 Your name's making the rrrounds in Adoulin. I hear it on the lips of passersby rrrather often.
6 Many Adoulinians marrrvel at what you've done. It won't be long before everyone in town knows your name.
7 You've become a household name thrrroughout the sacred city. Everyone's waiting to hear what amazing feats you'll purrrform next!
8 You've trrruly grabbed your dreams by the scruff and rrripped them from the paws of mediocrity! Not an hour passes without some ≺Multiple Choice (Player Gender)≻[maiden blushing over the mention of your name/man prrrofessing his love for you in the streets.]
9 Your name belongs in the annals alongside August Adoulin's as an example of a trrrue hero. Don't let anyone tell you differently!