Ivory Key
Information Needed
After the mission fight.
Examining the Treasure Coffer in the Tenshodo HQ in Lower Jeuno with this key item in your possession will allow you to exchange it for certain items (see below).

Possible Rewards

Item Abundance
Angel's Earring Template:Aug2 5.8%Rare(5.8%)
Death Earring Template:Aug2 8.3%Rare(8.3%)
Diamond Earring Template:Aug2 5%Very Rare(5%)
Emerald Earring Template:Aug2 8.3%Rare(8.3%)
Ruby Earring Template:Aug2 13.2%Uncommon(13.2%)
Sapphire Earring Template:Aug2 9.1%Rare(9.1%)
Spinel Earring Template:Aug2 7.4%Rare(7.4%)
Topaz Earring Template:Aug2 1.7%Very Rare(1.7%)
Beetle Blood 5%Very Rare(5%)
Gold Thread 5%Very Rare(5%)
Granite 1.7%Very Rare(1.7%)
Hi-Ether +2 3.3%Very Rare(3.3%)
Hi-Potion +2 4.1%Very Rare(4.1%)
Malboro Fiber 5%Very Rare(5%)
Philosopher's Stone 1.7%Very Rare(1.7%)
Phoenix Feather 5%Very Rare(5%)
Rainbow Cloth 4.1%Very Rare(4.1%)
Raxa 6.6%Rare(6.6%)
Vile Elixir 7.4%Rare(7.4%)

Possible Augments

Item Augments
Angel's Earring

[Ear] All Races
Resist Vs. Light +10 HP +10
Lv. 67 All Jobs

CHR +0~1
Enmity -1~2
HP +0~10
MP +0~10
Pet: Enmity -1~2
Pet: Accuracy/Ranged Accuracy +0~1
DEF -0~4
Death Earring

[Ear] All Races
MP +10 Resist Vs. Dark +10
Lv. 67 All Jobs

Defense +0~4
Enmity +0~2
HP +0~10
MP +0~10
Pet: Enmity +0~2
VIT -0~1
Diamond Earring

[Ear] All Races
Resist Vs. Ice +10 Resist Vs. Wind +10
Lv. 67 All Jobs

INT +0~2
AGI +0~1
Magic Attack Bonus +0~2
MP +0~6
Pet: Magic Attack Bonus +0~2
Emerald Earring

[Ear] All Races
Resist Vs. Wind +10 Resist Vs. Earth +10
Lv. 67 All Jobs

AGI +0~2
Evasion +0~5
Pet: Evasion +0~5
Ranged Accuracy +0~3
VIT +0~1
Ranged Attack -0~2
Ruby Earring

[Ear] All Races
Resist Vs. Fire+10 Resist Vs. Ice+10
Lv. 67 All Jobs

Attack +0~5
INT +0~1
Pet: Attack/Ranged Attack +0~5
Ranged Attack +0~5
STR +0~2
Accuracy -0~3
Sapphire Earring

[Ear] All Races
Resist Vs. Fire +10 Resist Vs. Water +10
Lv. 67 All Jobs

Magic Accuracy +0~2
MND +0~2
MP +0~6
Pet: Magic Accuracy +0~2
STR +0~1
HP -0~5
Spinel Earring

[Ear] All Races
Resist Vs. Lightning+10 Resist Vs. Water+10
Lv. 67 All Jobs

Accuracy +0~3
DEX +0~2
MND +0~1
Pet: Accuracy/Ranged Accuracy +0~3
Store TP +0~1
Subtle Blow +0~2
Attack -0~4
Topaz Earring

[Ear] All Races
Resist Vs. Earth+10 Resist Vs. Lightning+10
Lv. 67 All Jobs

DEF +0~5
DEX +0~1
HP +0~20
Pet:DEF +0~5
VIT +0~2
Evasion -0~3
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