Gallagher, the Item Depository NPC of Bastok.

The Item Depository is a service that allows certain items, mostly special event reward items, to be stored with NPCs located in the major cities.

To store an item, simply trade the item to the NPC. The NPC will only accept one item at a time. It costs nothing to store and item, but retrieving an item requires a fee of 250 gil.

To retrieve your item, talk to the NPC and select the item from within the presented categories. Items can be stored at one NPC and retrieved from another.

Unlike with the Armor Depository, you will not receive a key item for the items traded.

Item Depository NPC Location
Garridan Port Jeuno (J-8)
Olaky-Yayulaky Windurst Waters, North (F-8)
Poudoruchant Southern San d'Oria (F-8)
Gallagher Port Bastok (I-11)
Jarafah Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-9)


  • Items from recent events may not be able to be stored immediately.
  • Not all event items can be stored, such as items with limited charges.
  • The NPC will only accept one of each item per character.
  • Items that are signed will lose their signature.
  • The recast time for enchanted items will be reset to the maximum level upon withdrawal.
  • Items that are race or gender specific may only be stored by players of that race or gender.
  • Items in the "Swimwear" column below are actually part of the "Armor - Body, Legs, Feet" section when talking with the Item Depository NPC.

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