Start NPC Saldinor - Rala Waterways (F-10)
Requirements Adoulin Reputation 1
Items Needed 2 Twitherym Wing
Repeatable Yes, once per Conquest
Reward 500 exp
200 Bayld
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
None A Good Pair of Crocs


  • Enter Rala Waterways via (J-12) in Western Adoulin. You will not need sneak or invisible as there are no mobs in this section of Rala Waterways.
  • Talk to Saldinor. He will tell you that he wants two Twitherym Wings to make a charm for you.
  • Go out and kill Twitherym for their wings or buy them off the Auction House.
  • Return to Saldinor; trade the two Twitherym Wings for your reward.
  • To repeat the quest, the entire quest line must be completed.

Game Description

Saldinor (Civic Arboretum, Rala Waterways)
Some pests are more annoying than others. Collect two twitherym wings and bring them back.
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