Start NPC Saldinor - Rala Waterways (F-10)
Requirements KeyItemPioneer's Badge
Items Needed Twitherym Wing x2
Title Granted None
Repeatable Must complete A Shot in the Dark, then restart quest line from the beginning. You can do this quest line repeatedly.
Reward 500 experience/limit points
200 bayld
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
None A Good Pair of Crocs


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Note: Doing this quest and the following two quests, then repeating the cycle of three quests, has been confimed to increase Adoulin fame.

Note: Having the West Adoulin-"Your Rent-a-Room" warp and East Adoulin-"The wharf to Yahse" warp will increase the rate of completing these quests. Just gather all materials required for all 3 quests ahead of time.

Game Description

Saldinor (Civic Arboretum, Rala Waterways)
Some pests are more annoying than others. Collect two twitherym wings and bring them back.
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