Start NPC Keal - Norg (H-8)
Requirements Tenshodo Reputation 3
Job level 5+
Items Needed Key ItemSealed Iron Box
Repeatable No
Reward Scroll of Tonko: Ichi



  • Speak to Keal at (H-8) to start the quest.
  • Exit Norg (A) and make your way to the door marked (B).
  • Turn right and head to the door marked (C); then continue to the door at (D).
  • You should now be in a room with a boarded floor. Examine the ??? (E) in the room to receive a Key ItemSealed Iron Box.
  • Return to Norg (or, if your Homepoint is set at Norg, just Warp or get KO'd) and talk to Keal to receive Tonko: Ichi
  • Alternate Map.


  • Every monster in this area detects by sound, so some form of Sneak is needed if your level is low. Silent Oils work, but Circumspection (5 Tabs at the Grounds Tome right outside Norg may last long enough to reach the vault, and possibly even the return trip to Norg without any movement speed enhachments. Invisible is not necessary.

Game Description

Keal (Norg)
Bring back a sealed iron box from the Sahagin-infested Norg vault.