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This is my first guide, please be kind.
I'm going to be adding to this guide as time allows. There are already a hefty amount of resources on the regular wiki page that i recommend, which can be found here, and several other guides that are excellent (particularly Shoya's Guide). My main objective here is to present some info that others have left out, and to bundle info together. I got sick of moving from page to page while making a Pankration monster; hopefully this guide will help to eliminate that. Anything that i post here is either taken from existing info on the wiki page or is from original research.

Feral Skills

I left off an “effects” column because these seem obvious in all but a handful of cases. In these cases the “effect” is in the fourth column.

Feral Skill - The name of the Feral Skill
FP Cost - The amount of FP required to add the skill to your monster
Lvl^ - Is the Feral Skill able to level up to a max level of 50, or is it a set effect?
Additional Info, Main/Sub Job eligibility, Scroll eligibility, etc. - For Main Job/Subjob plates and Scrolls, states monster eligibility. Also states non-obvious “effects” and speculation.
Where Do I Find It? - Lists the monster families and jobs that are known to drop the plate. Note that it’s possible that not all levels of the family will drop the plate, and some plates seem to only be dropped by certain families in certain zones. This column is meant to be a rough guideline; for more exact information see the linked page for the Feral Skill.

Feral Skill FP
Lvl ^ Additional Info, Main/Sub Job
eligibility, Scroll eligibility, etc.
Where do I find it?
Accuracy +15% 23 No Acrolith, Chigoe, Euvhi, Hydra,
Mamool Ja, Roc, Dragoon, Ranger
Accuracy Bonus 30 Yes Bomb, Cluster, Diremite, Euvhi,
Evil Weapon, Opo-opo, Roc, Sabotender,
Biotechnological Weapon, Ranger
AGI +25 17 No Mandragora, Rabbit, Bird, Bee,
Mamool Ja, Hippogryphs, Roc, Ladybug,
Colibri, Puk, Bat Trio, Eft
AGI +50 23 No
AGI Bonus 23 Yes Ladybug, Thief
Amnesia Attack 47 Yes Craver, Imp
Amorph Killer 8 Yes Aquans, Beastmaster
Aquan Killer 8 Yes Birds, Beastmaster
Arcana Killer 8 Yes Undead, Dark Knight
Aspir Attack 23 Yes Leech, Receptacle, Sandworm
Attack +15% 23 No Spider, Gnole, Goobue, Doomed,
Wamoura, Magic Pot, Marid, Warrior, Orobon
Attack Bonus 30 Yes Acrolith, Morbol, Ram, Pugil,
Gnole, Treant, Goobbue, Manticore,
Buffalo, Sea Monk, Sheep, Marid,
Raptor, Lizard, Fly, Opo-opo,
Tiger, Dragon, Mimic, Warrior, Golem,
Magic Pot, Orobon
Attack Speed +50 58 No Aern, Tauri, Chigoe, Goobue,
Mandragora, Bee, Ninja, Monk
Attack Speed Bonus 70 Yes Aern, Apkallu, Chigoe, Goobue,
Mandragora, Opo-opo, Bee,
Ninja, Monk
Auto Refresh 38 Yes Summoner, Evil Weapon
Auto Refresh +5 30 No Fenrir Prime, Flan, Evil Weapon
Auto Regain 70 Yes Mandragora, Hpemde, Zdei, Yovra,
Auto Regain +3 58 No Aern, Hydra, Samurai
Auto Regen 47 Yes Sabotender, Chigoe, Mandragora,
Evil Weapon, Pixie
Auto Regen +5 38 No Aern, Gear, Hydra, Mandragora,
Evil Weapon, Bee, Pixie, Rafflesia
Main Job: Bard 8 No Colibri, Puk Bard
Support Job: Bard 8 No Bird, Dragon Bard
Job Trait: Bard 12 No Bard
Bard Scrolls 17 only usable as BRD Colibri, Bard
Beast Killer 8 Yes Plantoids, Beastmaster
Main Job: Beastmaster 8 Rampart Beastmaster
Support Job: Beastmaster 8 Beastmaster
Job Trait: Beastmaster 12 No Beastmaster
Bio Attack 23 Receptacle
Bird Killer 8 Amorphs, Beastmaster
Main Job: Black Mage 8 Ahriman, Corse, Crawler, Elementals,
Flan, Hecteye, Imp, Leech,
Qutrub, Skeletons, Slime, Soulflayer,
Poroggo, Black Mage
Support Job: Black Mage 8 Ahriman, Corse, Crab, Dragon,
Elementals, Evil Weapons, Funguar, Ghost,
Golem, Manticore, Scorpion, Slime,
Tauri, Tiger
Poroggo, Black Mage
Job Trait: Black Mage 12 No Poroggo, Black Mage
Black Mage Scrolls 17 only usable as BLM RDM DRK SCH Poroggo, Colibri, Black Mage
Blinding Attack 23 Yes Antlion, Sea Monk, Xzomit
Breath Damage
Resistance +15%
30 No Dragon, Wyvern
Breath Damage
Resistance Bonus
38 Yes Dragon, Wyvern
CHR +25 17 No Dragon, Hydra, Puk, Sandworm,
Slime, Rafflesia, Worm, Bard
CHR Bonus 23 Yes Bard
Critical Hit Rate +10% 30 No Acrolith, Orobon, Tiger, Wamoura,
Wyrm, Tauri, Thief
Critical Hit Rate Bonus 38 Yes Scorpion, Goobue, Tauri, Thief
Curse Attack 30 Yes Fomor, Chigoe, Dragon
Damage Resistance +15% 30 No Adamantoise, Mimic, Slime, Simulacra
Damage Resistance Bonus 38 Yes Wivre, Leech, Uragnite, Slime,
Crab, Paladin
Main Job: Dark Knight 8 Acrolith, Antlion, Bee, Buffalo,
Cockatrice, Corse, Crawler, Diremite,
Eft, Evil Weapon, Ghost, Giant Bat,
Golem, Hound, Leech, Morbol,
Opo-opo, Qutrub, Sabotender, Spheroid
Dark Knight
Support Job: Dark Knight 8 Acrolith, Buffalo, Evil Weapon, Ghost,
Leech, Manticore, Morbol, Rabbit,
Slime, Spheroid, Tiger
Dark Knight
Job Trait: Dark Knight 12 No Dark Knight
Dark Magic Bonus 17 Dark Knight
Darkness Attack Bonus 17 Yes Ahriman, Giant Bat, Bat Trio, Demon,
Ghost, Imp, Skeleton, Tauri
Darkness Attack +15% 12 No Corse, Fomor
Dark Bonus/Light Penalty 8 Pertains to resistances
Dark Resistance +2
Light Resistance -2
Dark Resistance +2 8
Additional Darkness
47 Yes En-dark Fomor, Imp, Doomed
Additional Darkness
Damage +25
30 No En-dark Imp, Doomed, Biotechnological Weapons
Darkness Resistance
12 Yes Wivre, Bat Trio
Defense +15% 23 No Bugard, Simulacra, Lizard, Phuabo,
Quadav, Wamouracampa, Wivre, Zdei,
Defense Bonus 30 Yes Bee, Crab, Crawler, Elemental,
Fly, Pixie, Goobue, Lizard,
Mandragora, Morbol, Phuabo, Sabotender,
Sapling, Slime, Spider, Uragnite,
Wivre, Paladin
Defense +30% 30 No Paladin
Demon Killer 8 Yes Dragon, Samurai
DEX +25 17 No Monoceros, Bomb, Chigoe, Evil Weapon,
Doll, Sabotender, Opo-opo, Ninja, Golem
DEX +50 23 No Monoceros
DEX Bonus 23 Yes Monoceros, Thief
Dispelling Attack 23 Yes Eft, Wanderer
Divine Magic Bonus 17 Paladin
Double Attack Rate +15% 30 No Acrolith, Aern, Warrior
Double Attack 38 Yes Sea Monk, Warrior, Cluster, Raptor
Dragon Killer 8 Yes Demon, Dragoon
Main Job: Dragoon 8 Sea Monk Dragoon
Support Job: Dragoon 8 Acrolith, Sea Monk Dragoon
Job Trait: Dragoon 12 No Dragoon
Draining Attack 38 Yes Leech, Vampyr, Dark Knight, Receptacle,
Giant Bat, Sandworm
Earth Attack +15% 12 No Spider
Earth Attack Bonus 17 Yes Mandragora, Morbol, Crawler, Chigoe,
Worm, Funguar, Goobue, Flytrap, Sabotender, Sapling
Additional Earth Damage 47 Yes En-earth Worm, Titan Prime
Additional Earth Damage +25 30 No En-earth Worm
Earth Bonus/Wind Penalty 8 Pertains to resistances Earth Elemental
Earth Resistance +2
Wind Resistance -2
5 Earth Elemental, Weeper
Earth Resistance +2 8 Treant, Worm
Earth Resistance Bonus 12 Yes Worm, Flytrap
Elemental Magic Bonus 17 Yes Black Mage, Flan, Poroggo
Elemental Magic Skill +10% 12 No Flan
Elemental Magic Skill 23
Enfeebling Magic Bonus 17 Red Mage
Enhancing Magic Bonus 17 Red Mage
Evasion Bonus 30 Yes Rabbit, Thief, Bee, Bat Trio, Ladybug,
Colibri, Bird, Mandragora, Eft
Evasion +15% 23 No Roc, Thief, Mamool Ja, Mandragora,
Eft, Raptor, Bee
Fire Attack Bonus 17 Yes Fire Elemental, Crawler(Eruca), Ram,
Cluster, Wivre, Lizard
Fire Attack +15% 12 No Ram, Crawler(Eruca), Fire Elemental,
Bomb, Manticore, Coeurl, Lizard, Raptor, Tiger,
Cluster, Eft, Wyrm, Opo-opo, Wamoura
Fire Bonus/Water Penalty 8 Pertains to resistances Fire Elemental, Wamoura
Fire Resistance +2
Water Resistance -2
5 Fire Elemental, Empty(with Fire core)
Fire Resistance +2 8 Wamoura
Additional Fire Damage 47 Yes En-fire Fire Elemental, Bomb, Cluster
Additional Fire Damage +25 30 No En-fire Fire Elemental, Bomb
Fire Resistance Bonus 12 Yes Wamoura
Gravity Attack 23 Yes Gear, Wanderers
Healing Magic Bonus 17 Yes Pixie, White Mage
Healing Magic Skill +10% 12 No Pixie, White Mage
HP Max Rate Bonus 30 Yes Unknown: might affect HP Max^ per level Ram, Marid, Sandworm, Monk, Aern
HP Max Bonus 12 Yes Unknown: might affect HP Max only Monk
HP Max +15% 23 No Trolls, Marid, Qutrub, Aern, Monk
HP Max +30% 30 No Sandworm
HP Max +50 8 No Monk
Ice Attack Bonus 17 Yes Ice Elemental, Snoll
Ice Attack +15% 12 No Ice Elemental
Ice Bonus/Fire Penalty 8 Pertains to resistances Ice Elemental
Ice Resistance +2
Fire Resistance -2
5 Ice Elemental
Ice Resistance +2 8 Shiva Prime
Additional Ice Damage 47 Yes En-blizzard Ice Elemental, Snoll
Additional Ice Damage +25 30 No En-blizzard Ice Elemental
Instant Aquaveil 12 Yes Evil Weapon
Instant Baraero 12 Roc
Instant Barblind 8 Doomed
Instant Barblizzard 12 Snoll
Instant Barfire 12 Bomb, Cluster
Instant Barparalyze 8 Ghost
Instant Barpoison 8 Scorpion
Instant Barsilence 8 Ahriman
Instant Barthunder 12 Coeurl
Instant Barwater 12 Pugil
Instant Blaze Spikes 30 Yes Bomb, Cerberus, Hecteyes, Wamouracampa
Instant Blink 12 Yes Max 6 shadows at lvl 50 Puk
Instant Dread Spikes 38 Yes 200 HP total max drained at lvl 50 Skeleton, Qutrub
Instant Haste 38 Yes Evil Weapon
Instant Ice Spikes 30 Yes can also add paralysis to enemy Ghost, Corse, Soulflayer, Zdei
Instant Phalanx 23 Yes Evil Weapon
Instant Protect 17 Yes Evil Weapon
Instant Shell 17 Yes Evil Weapon
Instant Shock Spikes 30 Yes can also add stun effect to enemy Phuabo
Instant Stoneskin 17 Yes Evil Weapon, Wivre, Cerberus
INT Bonus 23 Yes Black Mage
INT +25 17 No Black Mage
INT +50 23 No
Interruption Rate Bonus 30 Yes Leech, Craver, Ahriman, Worm, Receptacle,
Slime, Sandworm, Shiva Prime, Pixie, Wyvern,
Weeper, Dragon
Interruption Rate -25% 23 No Pixie, Bard, Magic Pot, Poroggo
Interruption Rate -50% 30 No Pixie, Bard
Light Attack Bonus 17 Yes Light Elemental, Wanderer
Light Attack +15% 12 No Light Elemental, Alexander Prime, Biotechnological Weapon
Light Bonus/Dark Penalty 8 Pertains to resistances Light Elemental
Light Resistance +2
Dark Resistance -2
5 Light Elemental, Craver
Light Resistance +2 8 Biotechnological Weapons, Fantoccini
Additional Light Damage 47 Yes En-light Light Elemental, Biotechnological Weapon
Additional Light Damage +25 30 No En-light Alexander Prime, Light Elemental
Lightning Attack Bonus 17 Yes Monoceros, Golem, Bomb, Evil Weapon,
Cluster, Coeurl
Lightning Attack +15% 12 No Behemoth, Khimaira, Thunder Elemental
Lightning Bonus/Earth Penalty 8 Pertains to resistances Thunder Elemental
Lightning Resistance +2
Earth Resistance -2
5 Thunder Elemental, Weeper
Lightning Resistance +2 8 Monoceros, Ramuh Prime
Additional Lightning
47 Yes En-thunder Thunder Elemental
Additional Lightning
Damage +25
30 No En-thunder Thunder Elemental, Ramuh Prime
Lizard Killer 8 Yes Beast, Beastmaster
MP Max Rate Bonus 17 Yes Unknown: might affect MP Max^ per level Ghost, Ahriman, Shadow, Summoner, Skeleton
MP Max Bonus 8 Yes Unknown: might affect MP Max only
MP Max +15% 12 No Aern, Summoner
MP Max +50 5 No Summoner, Worm, Fomor, Doomed,
Skeleton, Taurus, Ghost
Magic Accuracy Bonus 30 Yes Elemental, Pugil, Skeleton, Treant,
Pixie, Cardian
Magic Accuracy +15% 23 No Flan, Treant, Troll, Red Mage
Magic Casting Speed Bonus 30 Yes Weeper, Wanderer, Magic Pot
Magic Casting Speed +15% 23 No Aern, Red Mage, Lamia
Magic Attack Bonus 30 Yes Black Mage, Flan, Elemental, Pixie
Magic Attack +15% 23 No Apkallu, Black Mage, Flan, Imp, Elemental,
Lamia, Poroggo
Magic Damage
Resistance Bonus
38 Yes
Magic Damage
Resistance +15%
30 No White Mage
Magic Defense Bonus 30 Yes Ahriman, White Mage, Leviathan Prime
Magic Defense Bonus +15% 23 No Ahriman, White Mage
MND Bonus 23 Yes White Mage
MND +25 17 No Crab, White Mage, Sea Monk, Pugil, Orobon
MND +50 23 No White Mage
Main Job: Monk 8 Apkallu, Goobue, Mandragora,
Sabotender, Tauri
Support Job: Monk 8 Crab, Sabotender Monk
Job Trait: Monk 12 No Monk
Neutral Attack Bonus 17 Yes Leech, Wyvern, Dragon, Gorger, Hecteyes,
Worm, Puk, Receptacle, Thinker, Hpemde, Weeper
Neutral Attack +15% 12 No Euvhi, Aern, Ghrah, Phuabo, Yovra,
Hpemde, Xzomit
Main Job: Ninja 8 Bird, Morbol, Roc,
Sabotender, Sapling, Treant
Support Job: Ninja 8 Apkallu, Funguar, Goobue, Morbol Ninja
Job Trait: Ninja 12 No Ninja
Ninja Tool Supply 8 Ninja
Ninjitsu Scrolls 17 only usable as Ninja Ninja, Colibri
Ninjitsu Bonus 17 Ninja
Ninjitsu Skill +10% 12 No Ninja
Main Job: Paladin 8 Acrolith, Antlion, Bomb, Buffalo,
Cluster, Crab, Crawler, Diremite,
Marid, Opo-opo, Sea Monk, Sheep,
Spheroid, Tiger, Wamouracampa
Support Job: Paladin 8 Antlion, Buffalo, Cluster, Diremite,
Doll, Imp, Manticore, Marid,
Mimic, Sea Monk, Spheroid, Wamoura,
Job Trait: Paladin 12 No Paladin
Paralyzing Attack 23 Yes Tiger, Morbol, Flytrap, Coeurl,
Yovra, Hpemde, Apkallu
Petrifying Attack 58 Yes Zdei, Lizard, Ram
Plantoid Killer 8 Yes Beastmaster, Vermin
Poisoning Attack 17 Yes Antlion, Morbol, Tauri, Mimic,
Funguar, Fly, Eft, Hpemde
Main Job: Ranger 8 Gears Ranger
Support Job: Ranger 8 Ranger
Job Trait: Ranger 12 No Ranger
Main Job: Red Mage 8 Ahriman, Coeurl, Colibri, Crawler,
Evil Weapon, Imp, Magic Pot, Wyvern
Red Mage
Support Job: Red Mage 8 Cockatrice, Imp, Roc, Sheep,
Skeleton, Spheroid
Red Mage
Job Trait: Red Mage 12 No Red Mage
Main Job: Samurai 8 Mandragora, Orobon Samurai
Support Job: Samurai 8 Crab, Goobbue, Orobon, Sabotender Samurai
Job Trait: Samurai 12 No Samurai
Silencing Attack 30 Yes Imp, Cockatrice, Rampart, Lizard,
Slug, Wyvern, Coeurl
Sleep Attack 23 Yes Apkallu, Funguar, Flytrap, Rafflesia,
Weeper, Sheep
Slowing Attack 23 Yes Morbol, Flytrap
Store TP +10% 38 Samurai
Store TP 47 Yes Samurai
STR +25 17 No Spider, Morbol, Fly, Ram, Opo-opo,
Scorpion, Magic Pot, Rabbit, Tauri, Sheep,
Bat Trio, Evil Weapon, Demon, Diremite,
Wyvern, Fomor, Goobue, Pugil, Sea Monk,
Manticore, Marid, Coeurl, Lizard, Doll,
Wivre, Raptor, Golem
STR +50 23 No
STR Bonus 23 Yes Warrior, Samurai, Dark Knight
Stun Attack 38 Mimic, Doomed
Subtle Blow Rate +15% 23 No Mamool Ja, Ninja, Samurai
Subtle Blow 30 Yes Aern, Hpemde, Ninja
TP Drain Attack 30 Yes Vampyr, Leech
Terrorizing Attack 70 Wyrm, Hippogryph, Qiqirn
Main Job: Thief 8 No Antlion, Chigoe, Crawler, Eft,
Puk, Raptor, Sheep, Spheroid,
Tiger, Wamouracampa
Support Job: Thief 8 No Bird, Cluster, Colibri, Corse,
Diremite, Puk, Qutrub, Ram,
Sabotender, Spheroid, Wyvern
Job Trait: Thief 12 No Thief
Triple Attack Rate +15% 47 No Aern, Behemoth, Thief, Qutrub, Qiqirn
Triple Attack 58 Yes Cluster, Behemoth, Thief
Undead Killer 8 Yes Paladin, Arcana
Vermin Killer 8 Yes Beastmaster, Lizard
Viral Attack 38 Chigoe, Bugard, Buffalo, Funguar
VIT +25 17 No Antlion, Bee, Beetle, Crawler, Fly,
Flytrap, Goobbue, Leech, Lizard, Mandragora,
Morbol, Sabotender, Sapling, Wivre, Paladin
VIT +50 23 No
VIT Bonus 23 Yes Paladin
Main Job: Warrior 8 No Acrolith, Ahriman, Antlion, Bee,
Buffalo, Chariot, Chigoe, Cluster,
Cockatrice, Coeurl, Crawler, Dhalmel,
Doll, Dragon, Eft, Elemental,
Evil Weapon, Fly, Funguar, Ghost,
Giant Bat, Golem, Goobue, Lizard,
Leech, Manticore, Marid, Mimic,
Morbol, Opo-opo, Orobon, Pugil,
Puk, Rabbit, Ram, Raptor,
Roc, Sabotender, Sapling, Scorpion,
Sea Monk, Slime, Spheriod, Spider,
Tiger, Treant, Wamoura, Wamouracampa,
Wivre, Wyvern
Support Job: Warrior 8 No Acrolith, Apkallu, Buffalo, Chigoe,
Cluster, Coeurl, Crab, Crawler,
Diremite, Flan, Goobue, Hecteyes,
Hound, Magic Pot, Mandragora, Morbol,
Opo-opo, Puk, Qutrub, Sabotender,
Soulflayer, Spheroid
Job Trait: Warrior 12 No Warrior
Water Attack +15% 12 No Crawler, Orobon
Water Attack Bonus 17 Yes Sea Monk, Crawler, Orobon, Crab, Bird, Uragnite
Additional Water Damage 47 Yes Xzomit, Orobon
Additional Water Damage +25 30 No Xzomit, Water Elemental, Crab
Water Resistance Bonus 12 Leech, Apkallu, Crab
Water Bonus/Lightning Penalty 8 Pertains to resistances Water Elemental
Water Resistance +2
Lightning Resistance -2
5 Water Elemental, Empty(water core)
Water Resistance +2 8 Crab
Main Job: White Mage 8 No Apkallu, Bird, Crawler, Dhalmel,
Elemental, Funguar, Tiger
White Mage
Support Job: White Mage 8 No Cluster, Crawler, Elemental, Hecteyes,
Slime, Treant
White Mage
Job Trait: White Mage 12 No White Mage
White Magic Scrolls 17 No only usable as WHM RDM PLD White Mage, Colibri
Wind Attack +15% 12 No Bird, Puk
Wind Attack Bonus 17 Yes Apkallu, Bird, Cockatrice, Colibri, Puk, Bat Trio
Additional Wind Damage 47 Yes Air Elemental, Garuda Prime
Additional Wind Damage +25 30 No Air Elemental
Wind Resistance Bonus 12 Yes Puk, Pixie
Wind Bonus/Ice Penalty 8 Pertains to resistances Air Elemental
Wind Resistance +2
Ice Resistance -2
5 Air Elemental, Empty(wind core)
Wind Resistance +2 8 No Garuda Prime, Puk, Pixie

The Command Platform

In addition to the info found here, the commands used move your monster toward a certain temperament.

Discipline refers to how well your monster obeys your commands. The higher the discipline, the more likely the monster is to follow your orders. Discipline is raised by simply giving your monster commands. It makes no difference which commands you issue, discipline will still go up.
Temperament refers to how your monster fights. Temperament is influenced by the commands that you use.

Command Mob Temperament
Show no mercy! Very Aggressive
Give em' a little more bite! Somewhat Aggressive
Back off a bit! Somewhat Defensive
Guard! Block! Parry! Hold! Very Defensive

Command Mob Temperament
Don't think, kill! Very Wild
Less thinking, more striking! Somewhat Wild
Watch your opponent, then attack! Somewhat Tame
Think, and think again! Very Tame

  • Check back later for more specific info on what the temperaments mean. I'm in the process of mapping it all out, but i still need to do a lot of testing before i commit to the information.

Note that the commands are split into two separate categories. Commands from category one have no effect on the temperaments in category two, and vice versa.

Using a command does not instantly change your monster's temperament; it takes time to change. I'm still not certain if it's better to just spam the most extreme command in order to move your temperament in that direction, or if it's better to use the next command away from your current temperament. For example, let's say i have a mob that is Very Defensive and i want to make it Very Aggressive. In my experience, spamming 'Show no mercy!,' 'Give em' a little more bite!,' or 'Back off a bit!' will start moving it toward aggressive behavior. When the mob becomes Somewhat Defensive, only 'Show no mercy!' and 'Give em' a little more bite!' will continue to move it toward Very Aggressive, as 'Back off a bit' is in sync with its current temperament and 'Guard! Block! Parry! Hold!' is in the opposite direction. As it will eventually be necessary to spam the extreme command, in this case 'Show no mercy!,' i usually just use this one from the start.

If you want your temperament in a middle area however, spam the command that corresponds with that temperament until the mob achieves said temperament, or spam the extreme that's in the direction you want your temperament to move until you get your temperament where you want it. Think of temperament as a volume knob that you can turn up or down. You have to move through the levels in the middle to reach the one you want.

|---------------------Very Aggressive--------------------------Somewhat Aggressive--------------------------Somewhat Defensive--------------------------Very Defensive---------------------|

Using the above scale as an example, let's say that your monster starts out with a Somewhat Defensive temperament, marked below on the scale with a bold X

|---------------------Very Aggressive--------------------------Somewhat Aggressive-------------------------X-Somewhat Defensive--------------------------Very Defensive-------------------|

Using the command "Give em' a little more bite!" or "Show no mercy!" would move the temperament toward Somewhat Aggressive, marked below on the scale with a bold X

|---------------------Very Aggressive--------------------------Somewhat Aggressive----------X----------------Somewhat Defensive--------------------------Very Defensive-------------------|

If only "Give em' a little more bite!" is used, the temperament would eventually settle and stop at Somewhat Aggressive

|---------------------Very Aggressive--------------------------Somewhat AggressiveX--------------------------Somewhat Defensive--------------------------Very Defensive-------------------|

Using "Show no mercy!" will eventually move the temperament past Somewhat Aggressive and toward Very Aggressive

|---------------------Very Aggressive----------X----------------Somewhat Aggressive--------------------------Somewhat Defensive--------------------------Very Defensive-------------------|

Temperament: Testing

This section is entirely based on original research. Come back soon for finalized data.

I have decided to do some research into what exactly the temperaments mean. I had entered into this with a general idea of what to expect, but with the concrete numbers now available to post, this section moves from opinion into the territory of factual information. I did use a fairly small sample size, and i may end up going back and augmenting the sample sizes if it looks like it would be beneficial once it's all done and over with. For now, i will post the data as i work through it.

The Pankration monster used was a level 50 Spider, WAR/RDM. The Feral Skills on the monster are HP Max +15%, Triple Attack, White Mage Scrolls, and MP Max Bonus. All Feral Skills were maxed out prior to testing. I used a WAR/RDM mob in order to give it a wide variety of possible attacks and spells; i hoped that by using White Mage Scrolls instead of Black Mage Scrolls i would get a better range of attack/defense moves. I added Triple Attack to give it fast TP.

For each of the sixteen possible temperament combinations i had the monster fight twenty battles. All twenty were done with me outside of the control platform; i only entered after twenty were finished and i needed to change the monster temperament for the next bundle of twenty.

The number in parenthesis next to the spell/ability refers to the number of times the Spider used the spell/ability in the span of twenty battles.

I kept track of the day and moon phase for each battle as well, though i'm not sure that they have any influence whatsoever on the matches. I will not be adding this information unless it becomes clear at the end of testing that it has had a significant influence.

All battles were in single match cages - no Diabolos cage.

The pie graph charts are thumbnails - click on them to enlarge.

Temperament Spells TP Combined Chart
Very Wild / Very Aggressive Diaga (13)
Dia (10)
Enthunder (1)
Regen (1)
Enaero (1)
Cure II (2)
Acid Spray (42)
Sickle Slash (6)
Very Wild / Somewhat Aggressive Diaga (8)
Dia (2)
Silence (3)
Paralyze (3)
Enaero (5)
Enstone (7)
Enfire (5)
Enblizzard (2)
Enthunder (3)
Acid Spray (52)
Sickle Slash (1)
Spider Web (2)
Very Wild / Somewhat Defensive
Very Wild / Very Defensive
Somewhat Wild / Very Aggressive
Somewhat Wild / Somewhat Aggressive
Somewhat Wild / Somewhat Defensive
Somewhat Wild / Very Defensive
Somewhat Tame / Very Aggressive
Somewhat Tame / Somewhat Aggressive
Somewhat Tame / Somewhat Defensive
Somewhat Tame / Very Defensive
Very Tame / Very Aggressive
Very Tame / Somewhat Aggressive
Very Tame / Somewhat Defensive
Very Tame / Very Defensive

The Diablo Cage and Leveling Your Monster

The Diablo Cage is the best cage to use for leveling your monster in the early and late stages. The other three cages feature mediocre monsters, but as your new monster will be around level ten or lower, you won't stand a chance against the monsters in any of the cages. The Annihilation, Bloodlust, and Carnage cages feature one-off matches in which your monster fights, wins or loses, and then exits the arena regardless of the outcome. The Diablo cage works differently. This is the championship cage, so the winning monster ends up staying as the reigning champion until it is defeated. What this means is that, ordinarily, the Diablo cage will feature an incredibly strong, specifically created monster that wins over and over. What this means for you and your monster is a lot of fast exp.

Because your monster starts out so weak, and cannot win battles yet, you will need to go for the loss that nets you the most exp. This means you need to fight against the most difficult monsters available. Most of the time this means you need to register in the Diablo cage. Your monster will get one-shotted for a while, but that's ok. You're earning exp, and that's what matters. Once you get your monster to around level 25-30, i usually take him over to one of the other three cages to work on Temperament. Working on Temperament in Diablo cage will be next to impossible because of how quickly your monster dies, but working on it in any of the three other cages will allow you a large amount of time to issue commands. Wait until 25-30, move cages, and work on Temperament until you get your monster where you want it. Your exp will be more erratic and will fluctuate in these other cages, but you're mainly here to work on making your monster use the abilities you've decided on. Once you find a comfortable Temperament, either move back to the Diablo cage or remain in your current cage to finish off the level climb and attain level 50.

A rough estimation of the cages that should be used to max out a monster as fast as possible. Note that you may be able to move to the 3 lower tier cages sooner, and then back into Diablo sooner, depending on how strong your monster is and how fast you are able to change its Temperament. Additionally, you may not want to move back to Diablo at all if the monster there is under-leveled and you're getting weaker exp:

Diablo Cage Annihilation, Bloodlust, or Carnage Cage Diablo Cage
5-30 30-40(50) 40-50

It is also important to attach the Feral Skills that are able to level up first. When you start a monster, check the max FP that it will have at level 50. Decide on a couple or all of the skills that you will want to place on your monster. Make it a priority to first attach those skills that can level up to 50. This way the skills level up as your monster does. There's nothing more boring than having to level up Feral Skills on a level 50 monster because you placed them on the monster at a late level. Save yourself the trouble and level the skills as you level your monster.

Soul Plates by Monster Family

All of this information is presented above in the Feral Skills section, but in a much different style of organization. If you're looking for more specific info on which monster families can be made into pit monsters, this page is great. It's helpful when starting a Pankration monster to know what plates a monster family has to offer, especially if you are trying to get the best inborn trait possible on your monster. Inborn traits appear to be random; sometimes when you trade a plate to create a monster it is born with the skill that was on the plate. Sometimes it is born with a random skill. Sometimes it is born with two skills. Most of the time it is born with no skills. A good way to start a monster is to figure out what its best or most expensive plate is, and gather several of this plate. Trade the plates until you get a monster with the trait.

From personal experience, after creating and finishing over 30 different Pankration monsters with different inborn traits, i have yet to ever have a 'status effect attack' plate transfer over as an inborn trait. Examples of these types of plate are Bio Attack, Silencing Attack, Petrifying Attack, Dia Attack, etc. It could be possible that they can transfer as an inborn trait, but i have never seen it, and i have tried with these type of plates close to a hundred times.

  • Beastmen families represented below should be considered jobless. Plates will only be listed for a beastman family if the plate exists on the family regardless of job. As an example, i will not list WAR plates such as Main Job: Warrior under Demons, even though these are available from WAR Demons. Likewise, all of the job specific plates will be listed after the main family chart and will not be mixed in with the normal family plates, unless the plate can be obtained from a family regardless of job. Example: White Mage Scrolls from the Colibri family.
  • The same goes for the more broad families, such as Aquans, Beasts, Plantoids, etc. The killer effect plates will be listed after the large family chart.
  • Empty and Elemental mobs will not have listed their elemental properties, as these change depending on the color of the core or the type of elemental. I will only list feral skills that apply regardless of elemental alignment. From the elementals expect the following (where X is the elemental alignment and Y is the element that is strong against X):
         X Bonus/Y Penalty
         X Resistance +2/Y Resistance -2
         X Attack Bonus
         X Attack +15%
         Additional X Damage
         Additional X Damage +25

I think that the same plates apply for the Empty with elemental cores, but i'm not 100% certain. I'll get out to confirm/disprove this at some point.

Family - The name of the monster family
Pet? - Can the monster family be made into a Pankration monster?
Plates - Plates known to be dropped by the monster family

Family Pet? Plates
Acroliths Yes Accuracy +15%, Attack Bonus, Critical Hit Rate +10%, Double Attack Rate +15%
Adamantoise No Damage Resistance +15%
Aern No Attack Speed +50, Attack Speed Bonus, Auto Regain +3, Auto Regen +5, HP Max Rate Bonus, HP Max +15%, MP Max +15%,
Magic Casting Speed +15%, Neutral Attack +15%, Subtle Blow, Triple Attack Rate +15%
Ahriman Yes Darkness Attack Bonus, Instant Barsilence, Interruption Rate Bonus, MP Max Rate Bonus, Magic Defense Bonus,
Magic Defense Bonus +15%
Antlions Yes Blinding Attack, Poisoning Attack, VIT +25
Apkallu Yes Attack Speed Bonus, Magic Attack +15%, Paralyzing Attack, Sleep Attack, Water Resistance Bonus, Wind Attack Bonus
Bat Trios Yes AGI +25, Darkness Attack Bonus, Evasion Bonus, Strength +25, Wind Attack Bonus, Darkness Resistance Bonus
Bees Yes AGI +25, Attack Speed +50, Attack Speed Bonus, Auto Regen +5, Defense Bonus, Evasion Bonus, Evasion +15%, VIT +25
Beetles Yes VIT +25
Behemoths No Lightning Attack +15%, Triple Attack Rate +15%, Triple Attack
Biotechnological Weapons No Accuracy Bonus, Additional Darkness Damage +25, Light Attack +15%, Light Resistance +2, Additional Light Damage
Birds Yes AGI +25, Evasion Bonus, Water Attack Bonus, Wind Attack +15%, Wind Attack Bonus
Bombs Yes Accuracy Bonus, Dex +25, Fire Attack +15%, Additional Fire Damage, Additional Fire Damage +25, Instant Barfire, Instant Blaze Spikes, Lightning Attack Bonus
Buffalo Yes Attack Bonus, Viral Attack
Bugards Yes Defense +15%, Viral Attack
Bugbears No
Cardians No Magic Accuracy Bonus
Cerberus No Instant Blaze Spikes, Instant Stoneskin
Chariots Yes
Chigoes Yes Accuracy +15%, Attack Speed +50, Attack Speed Bonus, Auto Regen, Curse Attack, DEX +25, Earth Attack Bonus, Viral Attack
Clusters Yes Accuracy Bonus, Double Attack, Fire Attack Bonus, Fire Attack +15%, Additional Fire Damage, Instant Barfire, Lightning Attack Bonus, Triple Attack
Cockatrice Yes Silencing Attack, Wind Attack Bonus
Colibri Yes AGI +25, Bard Scrolls, Black Mage Scrolls, Evasion Bonus, Ninjutsu Scrolls, White Magic Scrolls, Wind Attack Bonus
Corses Yes Darkness Attack +15%, Instant Ice Spikes
Coeurls Yes Fire Attack +15%, Instant Barthunder, Lightning Attack Bonus, Paralyzing Attack, Silencing Attack, STR +25
Crabs Yes Damage Resistance Bonus, Defense Bonus, MND +25, Water Attack Bonus, Additional Water Damage +25, Water Resistance Bonus, Water Resistance +2
Cravers No Amnesia Attack, Interruption Rate Bonus
Crawlers Yes Defense Bonus, Earth Attack Bonus, Fire Attack Bonus, Fire Attack +15%, VIT +25, Water Attack Bonus, Water Attack +15%
Demons No Darkness Attack Bonus, STR +25
Dhalmel Yes
Diremites Yes Accuracy Bonus, STR +25
Dolls Yes DEX +25, STR +25
Doomed Yes Attack +15%, Additional Darkness Damage, Additional Darkness Damage +25, Instant Barblind, MP Max +50, Stun Attack
Dragons Yes Attack Bonus, Breath Damage Resistance Bonus, Breath Damage Resistance +15%, CHR +25, Curse Attack, Interruption Rate Bonus, Neutral Attack Bonus
Efts Yes AGI +25, Dispelling Attack, Evasion Bonus, Evasion +15%, Fire Attack +15%, Poisoning Attack
Elementals Yes Defense Bonus, Magic Accuracy Bonus, Magic Attack Bonus, Magic Attack +15%
Euvhi No Accuracy +15%, Accuracy Bonus, Neutral Attack +15%
Evil Weapons Yes Accuracy Bonus, Auto Refresh, Auto Refresh +5, Auto Regen, Auto Regen +5, DEX +25, Instant Aquaveil, Instant Haste, Instant Phalanx, Instant Protect, Instant Shell, Instant Stoneskin, Lightning Attack Bonus, STR +25
Flans Yes Auto Refresh +5, Elemental Magic Bonus, Elemental Magic Skill +10%, Magic Accuracy +15%, Magic Attack Bonus, Magic Attack +15%
Flies Yes Attack Bonus, Defense Bonus, STR +25, VIT +25, Poisoning Attack
Flytraps Yes Earth Attack Bonus, Earth Resistance Bonus, Paralyzing Attack, Sleep Attack, Slowing Attack, VIT +25
Fomors No Curse Attack, Darkness Attack +15%, Additional Darkness Damage
Funguars Yes Earth Attack Bonus, Poisoning Attack, Sleep Attack, Viral Attack
Gears Yes Auto Regen +5, Gravity Attack
Ghosts Yes Darkness Attack Bonus, Instant Barparalyze, Instant Ice Spikes, MP Max Rate Bonus, MP Max +50
Ghrah No Neutral Attack +15%
Giant Bats Yes Darkness Attack Bonus, Draining Attack
Gnoles No Attack +15%, Attack Bonus
Goblins No
Golems Yes Attack Bonus, DEX +25, Lightning Attack Bonus, STR +25
Goobbues Yes Attack +15%, Attack Bonus, Attack Speed +50, Attack Speed Bonus, Critical Hit Rate Bonus, Defense Bonus, STR +25, VIT +25
Gorgers No Neutral Attack Bonus
Hecteyes Yes Instant Blaze Spikes, Neutral Attack Bonus
Hippogryphs No AGI +25, Terrorizing Attack
Hounds Yes
Hpemde No Auto Regain, Neutral Attack Bonus, Neutral Attack +15%, Paralyzing Attack, Poisoning Attack, Subtle Blow
Hydra No Accuracy +15%, Auto Regain +3, Auto Regen +5, CHR +25
Imps Yes Amnesia Attack, Darkness Attack Bonus, Additional Darkness Damage, Additional Darkness Damage +25, Magic Attack +15%, Silencing Attack
Khimaira No Lightning Attack +15%
Ladybugs No AGI +25, AGI Bonus, Evasion Bonus
Lamiae No Magic Casting Speed +15%, Magic Attack +15%
Leeches Yes Aspir Attack, Damage Resistance Bonus, Draining Attack, Interruption Rate Bonus, TP Drain Attack, VIT +25, Water Resistance Bonus
Lizards Yes Attack Bonus, Defense +15%, Defense Bonus, Fire Attack Bonus, Fire Attack +15%, Petrifying Attack, Silencing Attack, STR +25, VIT +25
Magic Pots Yes Attack +15%, Interruption Rate -25%, STR +25, Attack Bonus, Magic Casting Speed Bonus
Mamool Ja No Accuracy +15%, AGI +25, Evasion +15%, Subtle Blow Rate +15%
Mandragora Yes AGI +25, Attack Speed +50, Attack Speed Bonus, Auto Regain, Auto Regen, Auto Regen +5, Defense Bonus, Earth Attack Bonus, Evasion Bonus, Evasion +15%, VIT +25
Manticores Yes Attack Bonus, Fire Attack +15%, STR +25
Marids Yes Attack +15%, Attack Bonus, HP Max Rate Bonus, HP Max +15%, STR +25
Mimics Yes Attack Bonus, Damage Resistance +15%, Poisoning Attack, Stun Attack
Monoceros No DEX +25, DEX +50, DEX Bonus, Lightning Attack Bonus, Lightning Resistance +2
Morbols Yes Attack Bonus, Defense Bonus, Earth Attack Bonus, Paralyzing Attack, Poisoning Attack, Slowing Attack, STR +25, VIT +25
Opo-opo Yes Accuracy Bonus, Attack Bonus, Attack Speed Bonus, DEX +25, Fire Attack +15%, STR +25
Orobon Yes Critical Hit Rate +10%, Water Attack Bonus, Water Attack +15%, Attack Bonus, Attack +15%, MND +25
Phuabo No Defense +15%, Defense Bonus, Instant Shock Spikes, Neutral Attack +15%
Pixies No Auto Regen, Auto Regen +5, Defense Bonus, Healing Magic Bonus, Healing Magic Skill +10%, Interruption Rate Bonus, Interruption Rate -25%, Interruption Rate -50%, Magic Accuracy Bonus, Magic Attack Bonus, Wind Resistance Bonus, Wind Resistance +2
Poroggos No Main Job: Black Mage, Support Job: Black Mage, Job Trait: Black Mage, Black Mage Scrolls, Elemental Magic Bonus, Interruption Rate -25%, Magic Attack +15%
Pugils Yes Attack Bonus, Instant Barwater, Magic Accuracy Bonus, MND +25, STR +25
Puks Yes AGI +25, CHR +25, Instant Blink, Neutral Attack Bonus, Wind Attack +15%, Wind Attack Bonus, Wind Resistance Bonus, Wind Resistance +2
Qiqirn No Terrorizing Attack, Triple Attack Rate +15%
Quadav No Defense +15%
Qutrub Yes HP Max +15%, Instant Dread Spikes, Triple Attack Rate +15%
Rabbits Yes AGI +25, Evasion Bonus, STR +25
Rafflesia No Auto Regen +5, CHR +25, Sleep Attack
Rams Yes Attack Bonus, Fire Attack Bonus, Petrifying Attack, STR +25
Ramparts Yes Silencing Attack
Raptors Yes Attack Bonus, Double Attack, Evasion +15%, Fire Attack +15%, STR +25
Receptacles No Aspir Attack, Bio Attack, Draining Attack, Interruption Rate Bonus, Neutral Attack Bonus
Rocs Yes Accuracy +15%, Accuracy Bonus, AGI +25, Evasion +15%, Instant Baraero
Sabotenders Yes Accuracy Bonus, Auto Regen, Defense Bonus, DEX +25, Earth Attack Bonus, VIT +25
Sandworms No Aspir Attack, CHR +25, Draining Attack, HP Max Rate Bonus, HP Max +30%, Interruption Rate Bonus
Saplings Yes Defense Bonus, Earth Attack Bonus, VIT +25
Scorpions Yes Critical Hit Rate Bonus, Instant Barpoison, STR +25
Sea Monks Yes Attack Bonus, Blinding Attack, Double Attack, MND +25, STR +25, Water Attack Bonus
Shadows No MP Max Rate Bonus
Sheep Yes Attack Bonus, Sleep Attack, STR +25
Simulacra No Damage Resistance +15%, Defense +15%
Skeletons Yes Darkness Attack Bonus, Instant Dread Spikes, MP Max Rate Bonus, MP Max +50, Magic Accuracy Bonus
Slimes Yes CHR +25, Damage Resistance +15%, Damage Resistance Bonus, Defense Bonus, Interruption Rate Bonus
Slugs No Silencing Attack
Snolls Yes Ice Attack Bonus, Additional Ice Damage, Instant Barblizzard
Soulflayers Yes Instant Ice Spikes
Spiders Yes Attack +15%, Defense Bonus, Earth Attack +15%, STR +25
Spheroids Yes
Tauri Yes Attack Speed +50, Critical Hit Rate +10%, Critical Hit Rate Bonus, Darkness Attack Bonus, MP Max +50, Poisoning Attack, STR +25
Thinkers No Neutral Attack Bonus
Tigers Yes Attack Bonus, Critical Hit Rate +10%, Fire Attack +15%, Paralyzing Attack
Treants Yes Attack Bonus, Earth Resistance +2, Magic Accuracy Bonus, Magic Accuracy +15%
Trolls No HP Max +15%, Magic Accuracy +15%
Uragnites No Damage Resistance Bonus, Defense Bonus, Water Attack Bonus
Vampyr No Draining Attack, TP Drain Attack
Wamoura Yes Attack +15%, Critical Hit Rate +10%, Fire Attack +15%, Fire Bonus/Water Penalty, Fire Resistance +2, Fire Resistance Bonus
Wamouracampa Yes Defense +15%, Instant Blaze Spikes
Wanderers No Dispelling Attack, Gravity Attack
Weepers No Interruption Rate Bonus, Magic Casting Speed Bonus, Neutral Attack Bonus, Sleep Attack
Wivre Yes Damage Resistance Bonus, Darkness Resistance Bonus, Defense +15%, Defense Bonus, Fire Attack Bonus, Instant Stoneskin, STR +25, VIT +25
Worms Yes CHR +25, Earth Attack Bonus, Additional Earth Damage, Additional Earth Damage +25, Earth Resistance +2, Earth Resistance Bonus, Interruption Rate Bonus, MP Max +50, Neutral Attack Bonus
Wyrms No Critical Hit Rate +10%, Fire Attack +15%, Terrorizing Attack
Wyverns Yes Breath Damage Resistance +15%, Breath Damage Resistance Bonus, Interruption Rate Bonus, Neutral Attack Bonus, Silencing Attack, STR +25
Xzomit No Blinding Attack, Neutral Attack +15%, Additional Water Damage, Additional Water Damage +25
Yovra No Auto Regain, Neutral Attack +15%, Paralyzing Attack
Zdei No Auto Regain, Defense +15%, Instant Ice Spikes, Petrifying Attack

  • Below are the job specific and superfamily plates. The job specific plates are generally dropped by beastmen of whichever job. Note that most of these plates can only be added to certain monsters who are able to become the desired job. Check the Feral Skills section at the top of this guide for info on which monsters can become which jobs, or check here in section 5, "Possible Jobs." If you're looking to add killer effects to your monster, any monster that falls under the umbrella of the superfamily that drops the plate should drop it.
Job/Family - The job or Family that drops the plates
Plates - The job specific or killer plates

Job Plates
Bard Main Job: Bard, Support Job: Bard, Job Trait: Bard, Bard Scrolls
Beastmaster Main Job: Beastmaster, Support Job: Beastmaster, Job Trait: Beastmaster
Black Mage Main Job: Black Mage, Support Job: Black Mage, Job Trait: Black Mage, Black Magic Scrolls
Blue Mage None
Corsair None
Dancer None
Dark Knight Main Job: Dark Knight, Support Job: Dark Knight, Job Trait: Dark Knight
Dragoon Main Job: Dragoon, Support Job: Dragoon, Job Trait: Dragoon
Monk Main Job: Monk, Support Job: Monk, Job Trait: Monk
Ninja Main Job: Ninja, Support Job: Ninja, Job Trait: Ninja, Ninja Tool Supply, Ninjutsu Scrolls
Paladin Main Job: Paladin, Support Job: Paladin, Job Trait: Paladin
Puppetmaster None
Ranger Main Job: Ranger, Support Job: Ranger, Job Trait: Ranger
Red Mage Main Job: Red Mage, Support Job: Red Mage, Job Trait: Red Mage
Samurai Main Job: Samurai, Support Job: Samurai, Job Trait: Samurai
Scholar None
Summoner None
Thief Main Job: Thief, Support Job: Thief, Job Trait: Thief
Warrior Main Job: Warrior, Support Job: Warrior, Job Trait: Warrior
White Mage Main Job: White Mage, Support Job: White Mage, Job Trait: White Mage, White Magic Scrolls
Family Plates
Amorphs Bird Killer
Aquans Amorph Killer
Arcana Undead Killer
Beasts Lizard Killer
Birds Aquan Killer
Demons Dragon Killer
Dragons Demon Killer
Lizards Vermin Killer
Plantoids Beast Killer
Undead Arcana Killer
Vermin Plantoid Killer

Monster Traits

Many monsters have natural traits that will show up regardless of what Feral Skills they are given. Examples of this include the movement speed+ of Raptor mobs, the natural physical defense of Slimes, and the innate magic defense of Magic Pots. When creating a Pankration monster it can be very helpful to use this to your advantage. After all, free skills are free skills.

An efficient strategy is to maximize a natural trait through Feral Skills. As an example, the monster family Roc has a natural evasion boost. Try adding Evasion Bonus and Evasion +15%, and possibly AGI plates to a Roc. Instant Blink makes for a nice final plate, making the Roc nearly impossible to hit with physical damage (though magic damage will still be effective). For some added fun, put a Blinding Attack plate on your Roc to lower the enemy's accuracy stat.

This is just one example; there are many, many different possibilities when it comes to combining Feral Skills and Monster Traits. Experiment and see what you can come up with!

  • I will not list Elementals as being weak to or strong against particular magics, as it's all self-explanatory. If this confuses you, see this page.
  • I have also left off traits that are meaningless in the context of Pankration, such as possible Treasure Hunter traits and Resist Charm.

Monster Trait - The name of the Monster Trait
Monster - Which monsters possess the trait

Monster Trait Monster
Attack Speed Increase Chigoe, Opo-opo
Defense Boost Crab, Elemental
Double Attack Magic Pot
Elemental Magic Damage Taken Flan (+25%)
Evasion Boost Colibri, Hecteye, Roc
Fast Cast Magic Pot
Healed by Wind Puk
Immune to Darkness Soulflayer
Immune to Fire Wamoura
Immune to Light Damage Wyvern
Immune to Poison Scorpion
Immune to Silence Ahriman
Immune to Sleep Hecteye
Immune to Water Damage Orobon
Immune to Wind Based Enfeebs Puk
Magic Attack Bonus Soulflayer
Magic Defense Bonus Ahriman (+25%), Colibri (+10%), Corse (+25%), Evil Weapon (+12.5%), Magic Pot (+50%)
Movement Speed Increase Coeurl (+50%), Colibri, Imp, Raptor, Roc, Tiger (+50%), Wamoura, Wyvern
Regain during Sleep Imp
Resist Paralyze Ghost
Resist Sleep Qutrub, Skeleton
Strong against Blunt Ghost (+50%), Hecteye (+25%), Leech (+25%), Mimic (+50%), Roc (+25%), Slime (+75%)
Strong against Piercing Corse (+50%), Ghost (+25%), Mimic (+50%), Skeleton (+50%), Slime (+50%)
Strong against Slashing Corse (+12.5%), Ghost (+25%), Mimic (+50%), Roc (+25%), Skeleton (+12.5%), Slime (+50%)
Strong against Darkness Antlion, Bat Trio (+50%), Bomb (+50%), Corse (+50%), Doomed (+50%), Funguar (+50%), Ghost (+50%), Giant Bat, Hound, Imp, Qutrub (+50%), Skeleton (+50%)
Strong against Earth Antlion, Bomb (+50%), Wivre, Worm
Strong against Fire Manticore (+50%), Raptor, Wamouracampa, Wyvern (+50%)
Strong against Ice Bomb (+50%), Ghost (+50%), Hound, Qutrub, Ram, Skeleton, Tiger
Strong against Light Bomb (+50%), Mandragora, Mimic
Strong against Lightning Bomb (+50%), Coeurl, Gear
Strong against Water Apkallu (+50%), Bomb (+50%), Funguar (+50%), Leeches (+50%), Morbol (+50%), Pugil (+50%), Slime (+50%)
Strong against Wind Bomb (+50%), Colibri, Manticore (+50%), Roc (+50%), Wyvern
Weak to Blunt Magic Pots (-50%), Skeleton (-25%)
Weak to Piercing Bat Trio (-25%), Bee, Bird (-25%), Colibri (-25%), Fly (-25%), Giant Bat, Imp (-12.5%), Puk (-25%), Roc (-25%)
Weak to Slashing Doomed (-12.5%), Hound (-12.5%),
Weak to Darkness Crawler, Hecteye, Mandragora, Mimic, Rabbit, Sabotender, Sapling, Treant, Wyvern
Weak to Earth Apkallu, Coeurl
Weak to Fire Bomb, Cluster, Corse, Doomed, Evil Weapon, Ghost, Goobbue, Hound, Imp, Mandragora, Morbol, Sapling, Sheep, Skeleton, Slime, Tiger, Treant
Weak to Ice Bee, Beetle, Bird, Bugard, Cockatrice, Colibri, Crab, Fly, Flytrap, Lizard, Mandragora (-25%), Gear, Opo-opo, Pugil, Puk, Roc, Sabotender, Scorpion, Sea Monk, Spider, Wivre
Weak to Light Antlion, Bat Trio, Beetle, Corse, Doomed, Evil Weapon, Funguar, Ghost, Giant Bat, Hound, Imp, Leech, Scorpion, Skeleton, Soulflayer, Tauri, Worm
Weak to Lightning Crab, Dhalmel, Doll, Goobbue, Mandragora, Orobon, Pugil, Rabbit, Sea Monk, Sheep, Soulflayer (+50%), Spheroid, Tiger
Weak to Water Buffalo, Diremite, Manticore, Marid, Rabbit, Ram, Raptor, Wamouracampa
Weak to Wind Antlion, Bat Trio, Cockatrice, Dhalmel, Lizard, Mandragora, Wivre, Worm


I have absolutely no idea how to obtain these. I have been both first and second in the Diabolo cage, have had my monster consistently win overnight and still be there in the morning, and still no trophy.

Stripehorn.png Blackhorn.png

If anyone has any information regarding how to obtain these, please add it. Otherwise i'm just going to assume that SE has not rendered them obtainable yet.