Ionis is a beneficial Status Effect recognizing adventurers as an official participant in the Ulbukan pioneering effort.

The application of the Signet, Sanction, Sigil, and Ionis effects are mutually exclusive and overwrite each other.
  • There is a 10 Bayld fee to have it cast on you.


Name Location
Fleuricette Western Adoulin (D-8)
Quiri-Aliri Eastern Adoulin (G-6)

Ionis Effects

Boost depends on how advanced each Coalition is

Pioneers' Coalition: 
  • Minor attack enhancement
  • Minor magic attack enhancement
  • Minor gathering fatigue reduction
  • Minor gathering efficacy enhancement
Peacekeepers' Coalition
  • Minor defense enhancement
  • Minor magic defense enhancement
  • Minor HP and MP recovery enhancement
  • Minor enhancement to max MP and HP
Couriers' Coalition
  • Minor accuracy and magic accuracy enhancement
  • Minor evasion and magic evasion enhancement
  • Minor critical hit rate increase
  • Minor haste effect
Scouts' Coalition
  • Minor save TP effect
  • Minor Conserve MP effect
  • Minor Fast Cast effect
  • Minor resistance to status ailments
Inventors' Coalition
  • Minor Crystal obtainment rate
  • Minor material loss rate reduction
  • Minor synthesis skill gain rate increase
  • Minor synthesis success rate increase
Mummers' Coalition
  • Minor combat skill gain rate
  • Minor magic skill gain rate
  • Minor experience point bonus
  • Minor reward obtainment rate increase

Effect Duration