Invincible Shield (S)
Invincible Shield (S)
3rd Div. Legatus
Campaign Battle Ally NPC


  • Holds the title of 3rd Division's Legatus which makes him Commander in Chief of the 3rd Division/Legion of the Republican Army.
  • Appears during Campaign Battles in North Gustaberg (S) and Bastok Markets (S) as the leader of the 3rd Legionnaire squadron.
  • Uses Raging Axe for 600-1000 damage, Spinning Axe for 200-1300 damage, Rampage for 900-2600 damage, Decimation for 700-1700 damage, and his own unique slightly-ranged slightly-AoE Weapon Skill called Napalm Tomahawk for 200-1500 damage.
  • Napalm Tomahawk can make Light skillchain with Fragmentation weaponskills (Shark Bite, Savage Blade, etc)
  • Uses Mighty Strikes (can use more than once) and Warcry (every couple minutes).
  • Talk: Halt! If you're not one of the Fourth, then get your sorry tail over to the recruitment office on the double! And if you are one of us, then what the hell are you doing here talking to me!? Get back on the battlefield! About...FACE!
  • Battle Cry: I never liked fighting on land... Now give me a well armed battleship on the open sea, and I'll have those turtlebacks running for their lives!
  • For some reason, it seems difficult/impossible to see Invincible Shield's damage against enemy leaders.

Involved in Missions

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