A place used to store items that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. Also known as a Gobbiebag, your inventory is identified as a spacious backpack that you carry with you while you're exploring Vana'diel.

The Gobbiebag is what you see when pressing CTRL-I on a PC or the right hand side when viewing your Mog Safe.

When you start the game you can carry a maximum of 30 items. You can upgrade this amount to 80 through a series of quests:

Note: Upgrading your Gobbiebag will simultaneously upgrade your Mog Satchel and Mog Case by the same amount. Any set of four items for any size expansion can be substituted with Goblin Stew 880, which is sometimes available for 500 points during a Repeat Login Campaign, or from the Green Thumb Moogle for 100,000 gil during an Anniversary Campaign.

Additional inventories

You can also keep items in your Mog Safe, Mog Safe 2, Storage, Mog Satchel, Mog Sack, Mog Case, or in your Mog Locker. You can upgrade your Mog Safe and Mog Safe 2 via the following quests:

Notes: Upgrading your Gobbiebag will upgrade your Mog Sack by the same amount. You must talk to the Artisan Moogle to upgrade to the correct number of slots. This is a free upgrade and you get a Scroll of Instant Warp after you upgrade.

The Mog Safe 2 is opened by completing the San'doria, Bastok and Windurst Mog House Exit Quests.

Additionally, Square Enix is offering a paid service which grants access to a Mog Wardrobe 3 and 4

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