Mission Name Into the Beast's Maw
Number 33
Items Needed KeyItemDistress signal flare
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Storm's Crescendo The Hunter Ensnared


  • Enter Castle Zvahl Baileys (S) for a cutscene.
  • Head to (G-7) on the first map and click the Peculiar Glint for a cutscene.
  • After the cutscene, you will receive a temporary key item KeyItemDistress signal flare.
  • Have the party leader click the Peculiar Glint again to choose the option "Into the Beast's Maw."
  • After winning against the Count and Orcs, you will receive yet another cut scene.


You will enter Ghoyu's Reverie.

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Game Description

Mission Orders
With Bastok's strategic blasting of the caverns, the groundwork has been set for Operation Snowstorm to commence in earnest. Hasten back to the San d'Orian encampment as they make ready to besiege Castle Zvahl.
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