Abbreviation: INT

Associated with the element of Ice. Many ice-based items add INT to a character's Stats. Example: Shiva's Claws

Breakdown of Intelligence by Race

1. Tarutaru
2. Hume
3. Mithra
4. Galka
5. Elvaan

INT Rankings Based on Job

1. Black Mage
2. Summoner
3. (Tied) Dark Knight, Corsair, Red Mage, Scholar, Thief,
8. (Tied) Bard, Blue Mage, Ninja, Rune Fencer
12. (Tied) Beastmaster, Puppetmaster, Ranger, Samurai, White Mage
17. (Tied) Dancer, Dragoon, Warrior
20. (Tied) Monk, Paladin

Equipment that Enhances this Stat

By Equipment Slot


Name Stat Increase
+10 +9 +8 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Alkalurops CheckCheck
Kirin's Pole CheckCheck
Mistilteinn CheckCheck
Mythic Wand +1 CheckCheck
Mythic Wand CheckCheck
Prudence Rod CheckCheck
Skirnir's Wand CheckCheck
Ebony Wand +1 CheckCheck


Name Stat Increase
+8 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Yasha Jinpachi +1 CheckCheck
Yasha Jinpachi CheckCheck
Maat's Cap CheckCheck
Teal Chapeau CheckCheck
Demon Helm +1 CheckCheck
Warlock's Chapeau +1 CheckCheck
Demon Helm CheckCheck
Darksteel Armet +1 CheckCheck
Scholar's Mortarboard CheckCheck
Wizard's Petasos CheckCheck
Darksteel Armet CheckCheck
Warlock's Chapeau CheckCheck
Seer's Crown +1 CheckCheck
Seer's Crown CheckCheck


Name Stat Increase
+5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Phantom Tathlum CheckCheck
Sweet Sachet CheckCheck
Balm Sachet CheckCheck
Morion Tathlum CheckCheck


Name Stat Increase
+7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Goetia Chain CheckCheck
Lemegeton Medallion +1 CheckCheck
Prudence Torque CheckCheck
Lemegeton Medallion CheckCheck
Wit Pendant CheckCheck
Philomath Stole CheckCheck
Enlightened Chain CheckCheck


Name Stat Increase
+13 +12 +11 +10 +9 +8 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Augur's Jaseran CheckCheck
Blood Scale Mail CheckCheck
Mahatma Houppelande CheckCheck
Arcane Robe CheckCheck
Kirin's Osode CheckCheck
Crimson Scale Mail CheckCheck
Errant Houppelande CheckCheck
Morrigan's Robe CheckCheck
Usukane Haramaki CheckCheck
Teal Saio CheckCheck
Royal Redingote CheckCheck
Ebur Coat CheckCheck
Blue Cotehardie +1 CheckCheck
Shaman's Cloak CheckCheck
Blue Cotehardie CheckCheck
Flora Cotehardie CheckCheck
Justaucorps +1 CheckCheck
Black Cotehardie CheckCheck
Justaucorps CheckCheck


Name Stat Increase
+7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Valkyrie's Cuffs CheckCheck
Mahatma Cuffs CheckCheck
Errant Cuffs CheckCheck
Arcane Cuffs CheckCheck


Name Stat Increase
+7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Goetia Mantle CheckCheck
Pedant Cape CheckCheck
Ixion Cape CheckCheck
Gleeman's Cape CheckCheck
Prism Cape CheckCheck
Rainbow Cape CheckCheck
Red Cape +1 CheckCheck
Black Cape +1 CheckCheck
Sapient Cape CheckCheck
Red Cape CheckCheck
Black Cape CheckCheck


Name Stat Increase
+7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Cognition Belt CheckCheck
Bale Belt CheckCheck
Sorcerer's Belt CheckCheck
Ksi Sash CheckCheck
Penitent's Rope CheckCheck
Witch Sash CheckCheck
Jungle Rope CheckCheck
Sothic Rope CheckCheck
Immortal's Sash CheckCheck
Moon Sash CheckCheck
Al Zahbi Sash CheckCheck
Royal Knight's Belt CheckCheck
Mercenary Captain's Belt CheckCheck


Name Stat Increase
+5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Aquilo's Pearl CheckCheck
Aquilo's Earring CheckCheck
Snow Pearl CheckCheck
Snow Earring CheckCheck
Omniscient Earring +1 CheckCheck
Omniscient Earring CheckCheck
Phantom Earring +1 CheckCheck
Morion Earring +1 CheckCheck
Phantom Earring CheckCheck
Heims Earring CheckCheck
Morion Earring CheckCheck
Cunning Earring CheckCheck


Name Stat Increase
+6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Aquilo's Ring CheckCheck
Omniscient Ring CheckCheck
Snow Ring CheckCheck
Spiral Ring CheckCheck
Diamond Ring CheckCheck
Omega Ring CheckCheck
Zircon Ring CheckCheck
Eremite's Ring +1 CheckCheck
Eremite's Ring CheckCheck
Hermit's Ring CheckCheck
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