Instant dread spikes.PNG
Description: Adds Dread Spikes effect at the onset of a battle. Cannot be used with any other spike effects.
Feral Points: 38

Obtainable From

Name Family Zone Level
Assault Draugar Skeleton Besieged Unknown
Guard Skeleton Skeleton Caedarva Mire Unknown
Lamia Idolater Qutrub Arrapago Reef 80-82


  • Drains HP equivalent to damage taken from normal attacks. Can be affected by magic or dark resistance or weakness. Maximum HP drained per fight increases by 4 HP per Feral Skill level, to a maximum of 200 HP at skill level 50.
  • Note that this 200 HP cap of HP drained is TOTAL HP drained- not per hit. Once 200 HP worth of damage has been dealt to your pet and drained back, the Dread Spikes essentially no longer have any effect.