Instant Blink
Description: Adds Blink effect at the onset of a battle.
Feral Points: 12

Obtainable From

Name Family Zone Level
Phantom Puk (NM) Puk Jade Sepulcher Unknown
Puk Puk Mamool Ja Training Grounds - The Double Agent 62-67
Puk Nyzul Isle 66-68
Puk Wajaom Woodlands 68-70
Puk Mamook 70-72
Puk Bhaflau Remnants Unknown
Sea Puk Puk Mamook 76-78
Puk Bhaflau Thickets 77-78


  • Increases in potency as the Feral Skill level increases.
  • Instant blink gives a total of 5 shadows at LV 50.