«FFXI-Movie» 0101 - Inspector's Gadget!

«FFXI-Movie» 0101 - Inspector's Gadget!

Game Script

Inspector's Gadget! - Port Windurst
Kohlo-Lakolo: O~h, you're late as usual! Quickly, to fill you in on what you missed, well...something terrible happened! The Cat Burglar came by a moment ago and tried to scare us into returning the Mana Orb to her. She said that it was too dangerous for the likes of us, 'cause some evil Cardians are after it! But we weren't fooled by her! She tried hard to break us, but we stood our ground until she gave up and sulked away! We won again! Yipee! But then something funny happened. When we checked the box we kept the Mana Orb in, it was empty! So, we're all wondering where-oh-where has our little Mana Orb gone? Now I propose we go hunt down the criminal! So how about you then? Are you in on it, too?
Help catch the criminal?
Get real! <--- Chose this option

Kohlo-Lakolo: Oh! That only mean one thing... You did it! You're the criminal! A-ha-ha... Just kidding! But if you keep up the wet blanket act, we'll kick you out of our Star Onion Brigade! I'm warning you!

Quest ends.

Help catch the criminal?
Cooperate. <--- Chose this option
Get real!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Said like a true Star Onion! We superheroes never let baddies get away with their crimes! So, getting down to business... In order to catch the criminal we'll need seven gadgets found in the Junior Investigator's Toolkit! Everyone knows what to do, rightaru? Each bring one gadget and meet back here! Then we can form our own crime-fighting investigation unit!

Inspector's Gadget! - Port Windurst
Kohlo-Lakolo: Great! Looks like we have all seven gadgets as found in the Junior Investigator's Toolkit! But waitaru! Hey, Pichichi! You don't have your gadget yet! What's tha mattaru?

Pichichi: Umm... Well... Will thith do...?

Pichichi takes out a large blue sphere. The rest of the Star Onions gasp in surprise.

Kohlo-Lakolo: Argh! That's the Mana Orb!

Gomada-Vulmada: What in hell's bells are you doing with it, Pichichi?

Papo-Hopo: So da cwime was committed by one of us! Dis is an intwiguing turn of events!

Pichichi: I didn't want you to give thith pretty ball away to anyone, tho, tho... Tho when I heard Kohlo-Lakolo wath going to give it away to thomebody, I dethided to thecretly hide it!

Kohlo-Lakolo: So, it was Pichichi who took it and hid it away! Well, chalk up another on to the Star Onion Brigade, 'cause it looks like this mystery is also solved!

Pichichi: Thith mythtery ith altho tholved!

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