Start NPC Kohlo-Lakolo - Port Windurst (G-5)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 2
Items Needed Saruta Cotton x4
Title Granted Fake-Mustached Investigator
Repeatable No
Reward Heko Obi
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Know One's Onions Onion Rings


You must change areas after completing the previous quest.
  • Speak with Kohlo-Lakolo. In a cutscene he will tell you that each member of the Onion Brigade must bring one gadget from the Junior Investigator’s Toolkit.
  • Speak with Pichichi. She notices your confusion and suggests that you speak with her mother, Chamama in Windurst Waters, North (F-10), inside the Rarab Tail Hostelry.
    • (Optional) Speak with each child for additional humorous dialogue.
  • Chamama needs you to collect 4 balls of Saruta Cotton.
  • Trade the 4 balls of Saruta cotton to her and she will give you a Fake Moustache to take back to Kohlo-Lakolo.

Game Description

Kohlo-Lakolo (Warehouses, Port Windurst)
The Mana Orb the Star Onion Brigade "confiscated" from the Cat Burglar has gone missing. In order to track down the culprit, the gang will need the seven gadgets found in the Junior Investigator's toolkit! Pichichi will tell you what to bring.