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|12592 gil
|12592 gil
|[[Shaper's Shawl]] {{Drop Rate|5|267}}
|[[Shaper's Shawl]] {{Drop Rate|5|295}}
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Start NPC Zaldon - Selbina (H-9)
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation Qmark

Fishing Skill 30+ (without gear) or 23 with gear giving a total of +7 to Fishing Skill

Items Needed Various fish (see below).
Title Granted Cordon Bleu Fisher (Giant Catfish/Ogre Eel)
Ace Angler (Silver Shark)
Lu Shang-like Fisher King (Titanictus)
Repeatable Yes
Reward Varies by fish turned in.
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The Real Gift None


  • Zaldon offers to cut open fish that you give him.
  • If there is an item in the fish he'll give it to you and he'll give you some gil for compensation for taking the fish.
  • If you cant have the quest at level 28 and all the previous quests done, try again with fishing gear (Novice rank seems not required)

The Fish List

  • Those listed with Skill 100 are considered "legendary" fish.
Fish Skill Gil Reward Possible Item(s)
Abaia 100 960 gil 1x Aurora Bass(12.6%)

2x Aurora Bass(7.8%)
3x Aurora Bass(1.5%)
Plumb Boots(0.7%)

Ahtapot 90 350 gil Decayed Ingot (19.4%)
Mildewy Ingot (10.7%)
Armored Pisces 100 475 gil Stolid Breastplate (0.4%)
Bhefhel Marlin 61 150 gil Brigand's Chart (14.3%)
Pirate's Chart (4.4%)
Bladefish 71 200 gil Robber Rig (10.9%)
Cave Cherax 100 800 gil Dwarf Pugil (23.8%)
Crocodilos 100 1763 gil Puffin Ring (2.6%)
Dark Bass 33 10 gil Green Rock (4.6%)
Dorado Gar ? ? Gold Ingot (between 1-4) (???%)
Emperor Fish 94 300 gil Cuir Highboots (0%)
Gavial Fish 81 250 gil Drone Earring (5%)
Gerrothorax 100 423 gil Risky Patch (1.2%)
Giant Catfish 31 50 gil Earth Wand (6.6%)
Title: Cordon Bleu Fisher
Giant Chirai 100 550 gil Twinthread (1.2%)
Giant Donko 49 96 gil Broken Halcyon Rod (4.8%)
Gigant Octopus 80 119 gil Black Ink (between 1-6) (???%)
Gigant Squid 91 300 gil Flame Shield (???%)
Grimmonite 90 350 gil Silver Ring (???%)
Gugrusaurus 100 880 gil Saber Shoot (0.4%)
Gugru Tuna 41 50 gil Tiny Tathlum (2.5%)
Istavrit 40 50 gil Venom Dust (between 1-6)Exclamation (???%)
Jungle Catfish 80 300 gil Broken Hume Rod (3%)
Kalkanbaligi 100 390 gil Flat Shield (3.3%)
Kilicbaligi 61 150 gil Rusty Greatsword (???%)
Lakerda 41 51 gil Pearl (???%)
Black Pearl (1.9%)
Lik 100 880 gil Opal Silk (0.5%)
Matsya 100 12592 gil Shaper's Shawl (1.7%)
Megalodon 93 532 gil Broken Mithran Rod (???%)
Mola Mola 100 478 gil Mercurial Spear (1.8%)
Monke-Onke 51 150 gil Poison Dust (between 1-6) (???%)
Morinabaligi 94 300gil Cuir Gloves (???%)
Ogre Eel 35 16 gil Turquoise Ring (2.5%)
Title: Cordon Bleu Fisher
Pelazoea 100 360 gil Noddy Ring (1.8%)
Pirarucu 89 516 gil Wyvern Skin (???%)
Peiste Skin (???%)
Pterygotus 99 390 gil Lapis Lazuli (6.8%)
Rhinochimera 72 300 gil Solon Torque (1.3%)
Ryugu Titan 100 800gil Mercurial Sword (1.3%)
Sea Zombie 100 350 gil Drill Calamary (23.8%)
Silver Shark 76 250 gil Trident (1.3%)
Title: Ace Angler
Takitaro 100 350 gil Philosopher's Stone (2.2%)
Three-eyed Fish 81 250 gil Paralysis Dust (between 1-10) (???%)
Titanic Sawfish 100 810 gil Aizenkunitoshi (0.7%)
Titanictus 100 350 gil Ancient Sword (1.3%)
Title: Lu Shang-like Fisher King
Tricorn 100 810 gil Darksteel Ore (???%)
Turnabaligi 100 340 gil Dark Ore (1%)
Ice Ore (1.4%)
Water Ore (1.4%)
Veydal Wrasse 52 225 gil Nebimonite (???%)
Seashell (???%)
Yayinbaligi 31 50 gil Telluric Ring (???%)
Zafmlug Bass 48 15 gil Blue Rock (1.4%)

Drop Rates While Keeping Charts

It is well-known that if you store either a Pirate's Chart or a Brigand's Chart in your inventory and continue trading Zaldon marlins that you will eventually receive the other chart from him. What is not known is whether this affects the drop rate of the second chart. Obviously, the game must check your inventory in order to know that you are holding the chart. Thus, there are two possibilities:

  • The game checks your inventory, sees that you are holding a chart, then gives you the other one. In this case, the drop rate of the chart when holding should be equal to the combined drop rates for both charts when not holding.
  • The game checks your inventory, sees that you are holding a chart, then drops the chart without informing you. In other words, the drop rates for the charts are independent of each other. In this case, the drop rate when holding a chart will be equal to the drop rate of the chart when not holding.

Clearly, the first case is preferable. It would mean that players can hold on to a chart without fear that they are silently missing out on obtaining more. The way to determine which is happening is to also keep track of drop rates when holding charts. A preliminary study posted on showed that the drop rate when holding is equal to the drop rate when not holding, meaning the second case is how the game actually works. The sample size of that experiment was too small to be conclusive though.

If you trade marlins without holding on to a chart, please post those drop rates in the table above. If, however, you trade marlins to Zaldon while holding a chart in your inventory, please post the drop rates below.

Game Description

Zaldon (Fishermen's Guild Salesroom, Selbina)
Some fish in Vana'diel like to eat shiny objects. If you catch one, let Zaldon cut it open for you.
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