«FFXI-Movie» 0069 San 3-1 - Infiltrate Davoi

«FFXI-Movie» 0069 San 3-1 - Infiltrate Davoi


Infiltrate Davoi
San d'Orian Gate Guard: You're come just at the right time!

Prince Trion wants a word with you. It seems he heard of you when you received your Adventurer's Certificate.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: Head to the chambers of Prince Trion inside Chateau d'Oraguille as soon as you're presentable!

The Davoi Report (pt.1) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Trion: Player name! Many are those who speak of your triumphs in the name of San d'Oria!

Trion: And much have I heard of your journeys abroad, and how you fought nether beasts in the lair of the enemy.

Trion: So the return of the Shadow Lord is at hand. Perhaps never will the hand of evil be banished from this world.

Trion: But always will the righteous stand up to face it. Am I not right, Player name?

Trion: The Royal Knights have but a single purpose: to exterminate the Orcs who ravage our lands!

Trion: We have sent scouts already to the Orcish stronghold of Davoi.

Trion: They are to report on the Orcs' numbers, map the territory, and find their lines of supply. Once such knowledge is ours, we shall strike.

Trion: But, the scouts' reports has not yet arrived! ' What could this mean?

Trion: What? The Temple Knights have also sent scouts to Davoi? On whose orders?

Trion: Pieuje. I knew it! What madness has made him do this?

Trion: But, we must not be dismayed. Player name, I want you to head to Davoi straight away.

Trion: Seek the Royal Knight Quemaricond and take his Royal Knights' Davoi report. Now, make haste!

Infiltrate Davoi - Davoi

Vauderame: I see... It was just a waste of time.

Rochefogne: I assumed that because the Orcs, too, were searching for something that...

Vauderame: Well, no matter. The fact is, there is someone else who is looking for the sword. And, either they have got to it first or...

Rochefogne: ...I must inquire with my sister.

Rochefogne: At her coming-of-age, she learned all there was to know of that sword from our father.

Vauderame: ...nuisance...

Rochefogne: Will you lend me a hand, Vauderame? I know my sister has left something for me, and I intend to find it.

Infiltrate Davoi - Davoi - Dialoge

Quemaricond: What? I apologize, but I am in quite a hurry.

Quemaricond: What is this? You were ordered by Prince Trion to return with the report?

Quemaricond: Wonderful! To tell you the truth, I have been lost for the past few days. I cannot make heads or tails of where I'm going in this dreadful place.

Quemaricond: Without this vital report, the Royal Knights will be in the dark! Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Quemaricond: Here is the report. Now hurry back to Prince Trion!

Quemaricond: Deep in Davoi, the Royal Knight, Bernal, and his Tarutaru companion are wating for assistance. You must make haste, and deliver that report to Prince Trion!

The Davoi Report (pt.2) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Trion: You're back! Quick, show me the Royal Knights' Davoi report.

Trion: What a report! We must send troops immediately!

Trion: No, but wait... This matter requires more than Royal Knights... Confound it! We need Temple Knights as well!

Trion: Perfaumand! Where are Pieuje and Curilla?

Perfaumand: Your Highness, Lady Curilla is in the quarters of the Temple Knights. As for Prince Pieuje...

Trion: Player name, your mission is over. Thank you!

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