Mission Name Infiltrate Davoi
Number 3-1
Start NPC Any San d'Orian Gate Guard
Level 35+
Reward Rank points
Repeatable Yes
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Journey Abroad The Crystal Spring
Replay Cutscenes
The Davoi Report (pt.1) Chaloutte Chateau d'Oraguille (I-9)
Infiltrate Davoi Goblin Footprint Davoi (J-7)
The Davoi Report (pt.2) Chaloutte Chateau d'Oraguille (I-9)

Note: The cutscenes are incorrectly labeled “The Davoi Report” in Chateau d'Oraguille in the game, which is not to be confused with San d'Oria Mission 2-2 which has that name. Please see that page for that mission’s cutscene information.

Trade 1 crystal or repeat Bat Hunt once to unlock the mission.

Note: If you have started the quest Under Oath, you do not need to complete it in order to receive the cutscene from Prince Trion.


  1. San d'Oria - Accept the mission from the gate guard.
  2. Chateau d'Oraguille (H-7) - and interact with the Door: Prince Royal's Rm to speak with Prince Trion.
  3. Jugner Forest (G-12) - Enter Davoi.
  4. Davoi (H-7) - Talk to Quemaricond.
    1. Hug the right wall until the path turns north and you will find a three-way intersection. Make a left and you will come upon a bridge (H-7).
    2. Stay on the bridge and remain Invisible as long as you can. An NPC Quemaricond will walk towards you.
      • When the orcs on the west side of the bridge are looking away, drop invisibility and talk to this NPC to receive the Key Item Royal Knights' Davoi Report.
      • Alternatively, follow the NPC to the far side of the bridge. When he stops in an area clear of orcs, drop invisibility and talk to him to get the key item.
  5. Return to San d'Oria and deliver the report to Prince Trion.


  • To repeat this quest, do the following:
    • You do not have to talk to the prince and you don’t talk to the NPC scout.
    • Talk to Zantaviat (same one in the mission: The Davoi Report). He will tell you to get 3 block codes: South, East and North. These block codes are !’s. Positions are: L-8, K-7 and J-7.
    • When you get all of them, talk to Zantaviat again.
    • After that, head back to San d'Oria and talk to a gate guard.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The scout in Davoi needs the help of an adventurer.