Inferno Claws


Inferno clawsRareExclusive
(Hand-to-Hand) All Races
DMG: +15 Delay: +49
Lv. 75 PUP
Damage Per Second: +3.4*
TP Per Hit: +14*
*Base delay for Hand-to-Hand is assumed to be 480.
Can be stored with Ghanraam.

Other Uses

Resale Price: Cannot be sold to NPCs.

How to Obtain

Cannot be auctioned, traded, bazaared, or delivered. Ffxiah-small.png
Cannot be obtained as a random reward from the Gobbie Mystery Box Special Dial and similar sources.

Dropped From

Dropped from any NM in Nyzul Isle Investigation.

  • 100% drop from HNMs on Floor 100 depending on Runic Disc holder's job.

Historical Information

While the majority of the Nyzul Weapons take their names from recurring Final Fantasy weapons, the Inferno Claws are an XI-specific name. Previous incarnations of these claws are most likely the Dragon Claws (IV, VI, VII, IX, Mystic Quest) and/or Hell Claws (III, IV).