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Beelzebub has high resistance to Sleep
Its only ever been recorded as being beaten by a non-BST setup only once, and probably involved PLD 2hour and many BLMs.>

Working Job Combinations

This section is not meant to discourage people from trying different combinations, but to illustrate combinations that have been tried and tested. Please feel free to try this BCNM with any combination you think might work, and above all, have fun!



  • 1) Bring 5 of your BST friends, preferably /WHM, as the main NM bee spams Silencega and Paralyga. As with all BSTy KSNMs, its recommended that everyone is at least lvl 72 or higher to be able to land Charm without any issues. Bring Pet Food Zeta if you feel you need to, but seeing as Bee's have Pollen you probably won't use it.
  • 2) The 8 Bees and NM bee are laid out in a pattern like this...
 Bee Bee Bee Bee
 Bee Bee Bee Bee

Assign each BST to a Bee, and make sure everyone is targeted up.

  • 3) Everyone run in and Charm your bee. With 6 runs at this no-one failed Charm at all, these are ridiculously easy to Charm.
Once pets are Charmed, there will be the NM and 2 bees left over. 4 BSTs sic pets on NM, 2 BSTs sic pets on the 2 spare Bees.
  • 4) Everyone gather at the entrance to the tunnel, and pull the 2 spare bees one at a time and melee them.
  • 5) Once all Bees are Charmed or Dead, sic your 6 Pets onto the NM, let them build up hate for a while, then jump in yourselves afterwards.
The NM has Cure V, Benediction, Silencega and Paralyga, he's hard to dent sometimes cuz of this but with 6 BSTs and 6 Bees he'll drop pretty fast. The trick is for all BST to build 100tp, and all use Rampage at the same time to do a massive spike of damage.
  • 6) Once NM is dead (might take a while), release your pets one by one (starting with the pet left with the most HP finishing with the pet with the least HP).
  • 7) Dance in celebration if your Bee is the last to survive (MY BEE IS THE GREATEST OF ALL!) and open your chest to claim your prizes.

This is a ridiculously fun and easy KSNM (its almost impossible to lose this, unless 6 ppl all D/C at once). It makes for a good night out. Its good to bring BCNM60 Orb while you come do this as you can do "BCNM60 Celery" while you are in the zone.

As for the drops, probably not as great compared to KS30 ODS unless you manage to get the Taru or Mithra belt to drop for you. I still advise any BST to try this KS30 at least once, its really awesome fun. And seeing as most BST have 10 stacks of KS's by the time they hit 75, seals are never usually an issue anyway.

Thank you to Kennie Razor Jordy(i think?) Falconn and Grover with whom I did this with. It was good fun, thanks guys.

TEMPLATE for future entries

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<A quick description of the basic rationale behind the strategy, one or two sentences should suffice, or leaving this bit blank is also acceptable. does not include a job combination, here is where you could identify 2HR or No 2HR required>


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  • <Advice for food and drink may also be listed here>

Strategy Pros:

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  • <This is where the reasoning behind the combination comes to light>

Strategy Cons:

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  • <people using this strategy would want to consider when entering the fight>

Making this Strategy Better:

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  • <These considerations are not the ones that are required for the strategy, but would certainly help>

Alternative Strategy:

  • <This entirely optional section is for job combinations that have multiple strategies. This is merely an extension of the same combination, but should be treated the same as the previous sections>

Other Strategies:

  • <This section is put last, and lists off different job combinations that are similar to strategies listed above, that do not need a full explanation, as the basic strategies are already listed above. A good example would be if you replaced a healer job with another different healing job, the basic strategy does not change, but the combination has. Just list the combinations that have worked, and the rest should be self explanatory>
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