Start NPC Irmilant - Rabao (G-7)
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation Qmark
Serpent Rumors
Items Needed Saber Shoot
Opal Silk
Title Granted Indomitable Fisher
Repeatable Yes
Reward Ebisu Fishing Rod
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Inside the Belly None


  • An Albatross Ring can be obtained by successfully completing the Pirate's Chart event. The event can be cleared successfully at close to a 100% rate with proper preparation. See Pirate's Chart (Quest) for more information.
  • A Penguin Ring can be obtained by successfully completing the Brigand's Chart event. Unlike the Pirate's Chart event though, there is no 100% guarantee that the event can be cleared successfully with any given attempt, and is based considerably on luck. See Brigand's Chart (Quest) for more information.
  • Level 78 Fishing is required in order to get the Serpent Rumors key item, so that is the absolute minimum level required to begin this quest; however, fishers lower than level 90 fishing will have a very difficult time reeling in the fish necessary for the quest. Close to level 100 fishing is highly recommended.
  • You will break your rod a lot trying to catch these fish, please consider either raising woodworking or bringing a woodworking mule along for repairs. Woodworking skill level of 68+ can repair a Broken Lu Shang's Rod but you can possibly use up an entire stack of crystals or more per repair. Suggested a skill level of 74+ for a better success rate. Please also be aware that you will lose your rod if you are repairing it when the Ferry docks, if a monster attacks you, or if someone casts a spell or song on you during your synth.
  • Some have had to turn in over 1000 fish for an item while others have received it after as little as 1 fish. Current estimates as well as tracking here on wiki have put results of both Opal Silk and Saber Shoot at about 1% drop rate each.

Game Description

Irmilant (Near the oasis, Rabao)
Irmilant has asked you to bring the two base materials required to craft a legendary fishing rod. These materials seem to have found their way into the bellies of sea creatures that still elude the finest fishermen.


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