Start NPC:   Irmilant - Rabao (G-7)
  Requirements:   Selbina/Rabao Reputation ?
  Serpent Rumors
  Items Needed:   Saber Shoot
  Opal Silk
  Title:   Indomitable Fisher
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Ebisu Fishing Rod
  Previous Quest:   Inside the Belly started
  Next Quest:   None


  • An Albatross Ring can be obtained by successfully completing the Pirate's Chart event. The event can be cleared successfully at close to a 100% rate with proper preparation. See Pirate's Chart (Quest) for more information.
  • A Penguin Ring can be obtained by successfully completing the Brigand's Chart event. Unlike the Pirate's Chart event though, there is no 100% guarantee that the event can be cleared successfully with any given attempt, and is based considerably on luck. See Brigand's Chart (Quest) for more information.
  • Level 78 Fishing is required in order to get the Serpent Rumors key item, so that is the absolute minimum level required to begin this quest; however, fishers lower than level 90 fishing will have a very difficult time reeling in the fish necessary for the quest. Close to level 100 fishing is highly recommended.
  • You will break your rod a lot trying to catch these fish, please consider either raising woodworking or bringing a woodworking mule along for repairs. Woodworking skill level of 68+ can repair a Broken Lu Shang's Rod but you can possibly use up an entire stack of crystals or more per repair. Suggested a skill level of 74+ for a better success rate. Please also be aware that you will lose your rod if you are repairing it when the Ferry docks, if a monster attacks you, or if someone casts a spell or song on you during your synth.
  • Some have had to turn in over 1000 fish for an item while others have gotten it after as little as 10 fish. Current estimates as well as tracking here on wiki have put results of both Opal Silk and Saber Shoot at about 1% drop rate each.

Game Description

Client: Irmilant (Near the oasis, Rabao)
Summary: Irmilant has asked you to bring the two base materials required to craft a legendary fishing rod. These materials seem to have found their way into the bellies of sea creatures that still elude the finest fishermen.


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