Mission Name In the Presence of Royalty
Number 2-2-2
Title Granted Queen's Confidante
Items Needed Several Sickles (optional)
Key Item Yorcia's tear
Reward Key Item Rosulatia's pome
Repeatable No
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Ortharsyne The Twin World Trees
Replay Cutscenes
In the Presence of Royalty Goblin Footprint Yorcia Weald (J-8)


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  • Harvest Key Item Yorcia's tear from any Harvesting Point in Yorcia Weald using Sickles. Alternatively, you may collect it by clicking on the "Ergon Locus???" @ (I-8).
    • Note: There is an "Ergon Locus" and a "???" at (I-8) that is not the correct place. The correct placement of the "Ergon Locus???" is in a part of (I-8) that you approach from the west.
    • The path is blocked by a bush that will automatically remove itself from the path at 2100 hours game time. The fastest path is from Bivouac #1, but there's a Colonization Reive in the way.
    • If you check the map accompanied with this page, the correct location is the big highlighted area of I-8 with the path blocked by the red line.
  • Click the Pellucid Afflusion in the spring at the center of (G-6) with the Key Item Yorcia's tear in your inventory to receive a cutscene with Rosulatia and Key Item Rosulatia's pome.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Fate saw you meet with Rosulatia, the mother seed of the leafkin. She has asked you to find a Yorcia's tear to learn about the abnormalities in Eastern Ulbuka. Find one and head to the sole pure font of water within the weald.