Start NPC Kuoh Rhel - Windurst Woods (K-12)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 3
Items Needed Woozyshroom x3
Repeatable Yes, once per Conquest Tally
Reward 900 Gil
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Chocobilious None


Note: You must change areas ("zone") to start this quest, after finishing Chocobilious.

(If you have A Crisis in the Making active, he will only talk about that quest, but just trade him the items anyways and it will still work. If you have The Dawn of Delectability active, he will speak of that quest instead. Trading the mushrooms will still work in this case as well.)

  • Return and speak to Kuoh Rhel to complete this quest.

Game Description

Kuoh Rhel (Chocobo Stables, Windurst Woods)
Kuoh tried to feed the sick Chocobo some "secret cure-all medicament," but it wouldn't swallow it. She wants to try and hide the taste by mixing it in some of the bird's favorite food, if you can help obtain some...
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