Start NPC Tressia - Tavnazian Safehold (J-6) top floor
Requirements Promathia Mission 3-5: Darkness Named completed
Items Needed KeyItemShaded Cruse
Repeatable No
Reward Gramary Cape


  • Talk to Tressia (top floor @ J-6) to start the quest.
  • Talk to Raminey (J-7) and Fouagine (I-8) on the top floor, and Zadant (H-9) and Noam (G-9) on the main floor to get four witness accounts.
  • Tressia will then ask you to put them in order (you get as many tries as you need). The order is Fouagine, Zadant, Noam, Raminey.
    • Quest may vary in the order in which you present the accounts. One player's order was Fouagine, Zadant, Raminey, and then Noam.
  • Talk with Mengrenaux and Chemioue (both near Tressia) and view all 4 reports, then talk to Tressia again and give the locations of the witnesses in order. The correct order is: I-8, H-8, G-9, and J-7.
  • On the main floor, go to G-9 down by the Tributary and examine the ??? to find a KeyItemShaded Cruse.
  • From G-9, start walking toward the Breakaway Bridge in the middle of the Safehold. Along the way, examine the ???s at G-7 (near Nilerouche), G-8, and H-8 (where there are two).
  • Once you reach the Breakaway Bridge and select the fifth and final ???, you will see a cutscene that explains the mystery. At the end of this cutscene the victory fanfare plays and the quest is considered complete.
  • Talk to Tressia, and then to Ondieulix at the entrance (I-7, main floor), for your reward.

Game Description

Tressia (Patrol HQ, Tavnazian Safehold)
Search for information regarding what happened on the day Wazozo's treasure was stolen.
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