Imprimaturs are permits needed to sign up for coalition assignments, similar to Op Credits. Players begin accumulating them upon completion of Seekers of Adoulin Mission 1-5: Pioneer Registration.


  • Imprimaturs are used to sign up for Coalition Assignments.
  • The "minutes" used to determine the "Distribution of the next batch of imprimaturs" are in Earth time. By default, it takes 360 minutes (6 hours) to replenish each. This can be shortened to 330 minutes (5.5 hours) with Key ItemBronze shovel cordon and 300 minutes (5 hours) with Key ItemSilver shovel cordon
  • When signing up for Coalition Assignments, you can choose to use 1, 2, or 3 imprimaturs. Using more imprimpaturs increases the experience/limit points and bayld gained from the assignment.
    • It should be noted that the use of multiple imprimaturs DO count as the respective number of tasks needed to increase one's rank in a coalition; i.e., using 3 imprimaturs on one assignment is equal to doing 3 assignments.
  • A player may possess up to 15 imprimaturs at once by default. This can be expanded to 16 with Key ItemBronze mattock cordon and 18 with Key ItemSilver mattock cordon.
  • Unlike Assaults and Campaign Ops, any number of Coalition Assignments can be active at a time.
    • If you cancel a Coalition Assignment, your imprimaturs are refunded. Accepting assignments you do not intend to complete, and then later cancelling them, allows you to have more than 15 imprimaturs at your disposal at a time.
  • Similar to Op Credits, imprimaturs are not Key Items and do not exist in your inventory.
  • It is possible to check your imprimatur balance by talking to any Task Delegator.
  • Imprimaturs are listed in Currencies 2 under Status.