Imperial Army ID Tag.JPG

Imperial Army I.D. Tag
A metal tag inscribed with an
Imperial Army identification number.
Needed to sign up for Assault
Obtained from Rytaal

Used to sign up for any Assault Mission.

  • When you first speak to Rytaal after starting Aht Urhgan Mission 3: President Salaheem you will have access to 3 Imperial Army I.D. Tags.
  • One tag allows access to one Assault Mission.
  • One tag is restored exactly 24 hours from the moment you take your first tag from Rytaal, until you have 3 tags available from Rytaal.
    • With the key item Rhapsody in Azure, this is reduced to 10 minutes. Unless you are completing Assault missions very quickly, this effectively grants you infinite tags.
    • It is possible to have a access to a fourth tag by storing one in your Key Items, while Rytaal stores 3.
  • Whenever a player takes the first of the three available tags, the time at which the tags restore is changed. That is, whenever three tags are available, one tag will be restored exactly 24 hours after the first of the three tags is taken. Therefore, the exact time that tags are restored each day can be altered by allowing three tags to become available and then taking one from Rytaal at the desired time.
  • Once you have successfully completed all 51 Assault missions (50 from the five zones; plus Nyzul Isle Investigation), Rytaal will hold an extra tag for you, storing up to 4 tags total.