Job Ability

Makes it possible for your next elemental magic spell to be used in a skillchain, but not a magic burst.

  • Obtained: Scholar Level 87
  • Recast Time: Stratagem Charge
  • Duration: 1 compatible black magic spell or 60 seconds, whichever occurs first


  • The spell used will not be able to be used in a Magic Burst.
  • Grants Skillchain properties to the next Elemental Magic spell cast, based on the element of the spell, allowing it to participate in a skillchain.
  • Below is a list that illustrates the correspondence between spells used and the attribute they create, when used in conjunction with Immanence. Only some level 2 skillchains can be created using Immanence alone or a source of Chainbound; level 3 skillchains are possible with weaponskills.
Element of spell Weapon Skill Attribute
Trans Fire Fire Liquefaction-Icon Liquefaction
Trans Ice Ice Induration-Icon Induration
Trans Wind Wind Detonation-Icon Detonation
Trans Earth Earth Scission-Icon Scission
Trans Lightning Lightning Impaction-Icon Impaction
Trans Water Water Reverberation-Icon Reverberation
Trans Light Light Transfixion-Icon Transfixion
Trans Dark Dark Compression-Icon Compression

  • See Skillchains for a full, more in depth list of how each element interacts to form skillchains.
  • The word immanence means existing, operating, or remaining within; inherent. This seemingly refers to each Black Magic element having an inherent affinity or link with one or more Skillchain elements.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Immanence" <me>
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