Offers Directions Around Town:

You lost? Where you goin'? Which area do you want to ask about?
  • "None.": All-righty. Come back anytime. Have a nice day.
  • "The western section.": All right, let's see... See all those doors to the west there? The ones on the right are your run-of-the-mill warehouses. Some real shady characters've been seen going in there, so you be careful, all right? On the left you've got the air travel agency, or "the door to the world," as they say. You need an airship pass to get in, though. And not through that door, either--that's the exit. Heh-heh. The enterance is around the corner. Once you're in, you gotta walk down to the pier to get on airships. Airships there only go to Jeuno--but of course, you knew that, right? A little further on, we have Galvin's Travel Gear--a goods shop. They've got a few things adventurers like yourself might need. Above Galvin's, you've got the Steaming Sheep Retaurant, which most people just call "the tavern." It's a good place if you want to eat, drink, or hear a good story or two. And further down'll come to a bridge. It leads to the Makets District, a nicer part of town. You can get to both the Metalworks and the Mines District from the markets. It's like the crossroads of Bastok, if you know what I mean. That's about it. Come back if you have any more questions, all right?
  • "The eastern section.": Okay, to the east---we've got a few houses on the left, a few merchant stalls on the right... Oh, those merchants don't have much to sell, by the way. They're only useful if you want to sell off stuff you don't need and go back outside right away. Right, further on down the stairs is...the North Gate! You can get missions from the guards there or ask to join in conquests. Just south of the square is one of out major landmarks, the drawbridge! It's gotta be drawn up when airships come in, so be careful. The residential area on the other side is where your room is. Go there if you need to store stuff. Oh, but you have to be a Bastoker or have a Rent-a-Room to do that. That's about it. Come back if you have any more questions, all right?
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