This page lists out various icon templates available for your use.

For a universal icon template, check out {{IconEx}}.

Elemental Resistances

Code Result
The alt text has "Resist vs. ___":
{{Resist Fire}} Trans Fire
{{Resist Ice}} Trans Ice
{{Resist Wind}} Trans Wind
{{Resist Earth}} Trans Earth
{{Resist Lightning}} Trans Lightning
{{Resist Water}} Trans Water
{{Resist Light}} Trans Light
{{Resist Dark}} Trans Dark

Element Template

Code Result
The alt text is the element.
{{Element|Fire}} Fire Trans Fire
{{Element|Ice}} Ice Trans Ice
{{Element|Wind}} Wind Trans Wind
{{Element|Earth}} Earth Trans Earth
{{Element|Lightning}} Lightning Trans Lightning
{{Element|Water}} Water Trans Water
{{Element|Light}} Light Trans Light
{{Element|Dark}} Dark Trans Dark
{{Element|Fusion}} Fusion Trans FireTrans Light
{{Element|Fragmentation}} Fragmentation Trans LightningTrans Wind
{{Element|Gravitation}} Gravitation Trans DarkTrans Earth
{{Element|Distortion}} Distortion Trans IceTrans Water
{{Element|First4}} First4 Trans FireTrans IceTrans WindTrans Earth
{{Element|Last4}} Last4 Trans LightningTrans WaterTrans LightTrans Dark
{{Element|AllLight}} AllLight Trans FireTrans WindTrans LightningTrans Light
{{Element|AllDark}} AllDark Trans IceTrans EarthTrans WaterTrans Dark
{{Element|All}} All Trans FireTrans WindTrans LightningTrans LightTrans IceTrans EarthTrans WaterTrans Dark


Code Result
{{Transfixion}} Transfixion-Icon
{{Liquefaction}} Liquefaction-Icon
{{Impaction}} Impaction-Icon
{{Detonation}} Detonation-Icon
{{Compression}} Compression-Icon
{{Scission}} Scission-Icon
{{Reverberation}} Reverberation-Icon
{{Induration}} Induration-Icon
{{Fusion}} Fusion-Icon
{{Fragmentation}} Fragmentation-Icon
{{Gravitation}} Gravitation-Icon
{{Distortion}} Distortion-Icon
{{LightSkillchain}} Light-Icon
{{Darkness}} Dark-Icon

Item Tags

Code Result
These output categories:
{{Augment}} Augmented
{{Rare}} Rare
{{Exclusive}} Exclusive
{{Temp}} Temporary
These do not output categories:
{{Augment|nc}} Augmented
{{Rare|nc}} Rare
{{Exclusive|nc}} Exclusive
{{Temp|nc}} Temporary

Evolith Template

Code Result
Full syntax is {{Evolith|element|shape|size}}
{{Evolith|x|filled circle}} Shape FilledCircle
{{Evolith|x|single circle}} Shape SingleCircle
{{Evolith|x|double circle}} Shape DoubleCircle
{{Evolith|x|filled diamond}} Shape FilledDiamond
{{Evolith|x|empty diamond}} Shape EmptyDiamond
{{Evolith|x|filled square}} Shape FilledSquare
{{Evolith|x|empty square}} Shape EmptySquare
{{Evolith|x|filled triangle up}} Shape FilledTriangleUp
{{Evolith|x|empty triangle up}} Shape EmptyTriangleUp
{{Evolith|x|filled triangle down}} Shape FilledTriangleDown
{{Evolith|x|empty triangle down}} Shape EmptyTriangleDown

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