Start NPC Choubollet - Foret de Hennetiel (J-6)
Requirements Key Item Adoulinian charter permit
Items Needed Dhalmel Leather x3
Umbril Ooze
Twitherym Scale
Title Granted Toxin Tussler (optional)
Repeatable No
Reward Key Item Watercraft
Key Item "Watercrafting"
500 bayld
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None Breaking the Ice
Lerene's Lament


  • Talk to Choubollet at the frontier station, who asks for 3 squares of Dhalmel Leather, 1 Umbril Ooze, and 1 Twitherym Scale.
  • Collect the items and trade them to Choubollet to receive a Key Item Watercraft, allowing you to continue the quest.
  • Head to the south side of (I-7). Cast off and you will end up at the southern island at (J-9).
    • If you choose to "Dive right in...", you'll receive a brief cutscene and the unique title Toxin Tussler. If you have already cast off once, you can return to the initial cast off point and the option will be available once again. If you do not choose this option before completing the quest, you will no longer be able to get the title.
    • Beware that the Zoldeff Jagil where you land will aggro a level 99 character. If you call Alter Egos before you cast off, they will arrive on the island with you. Sneak stays on during boat rides too.
    • NOTE! The "River Mouth" spawns an NM Crab. It is NOT related to this quest!
  • Go to the west side of (J-9) to cast off again and you will be transported to the north side of the river at (J-9).
  • Head north from the second landing point to return to Choubollet and receive your reward.

Game Description

Choubollet (River Mouth, Foret de Hennetiel)
The Zoldeff River is not safe for passage...unless you have a portable boat! Bring three squares of dhalmel leather, one twitherym scale, and one jar of umbril ooze to Choubollet so he can build you a nautical masterpiece.