Start NPC Ryoma - Norg (H-8)
Requirements Ninja 50+
Items Needed Oak Pole
Repeatable Yes, after erasing AF memory.
Reward Ninja Hakama
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20 in Pirate Years True Will and
Borghertz's Lurking Hands


You must zone after completing the quest 20 in Pirate Years for Ryoma to give you the quest.
  • Ensetsu will tell of a new player in the story, Leodarion (F-8), who resides in Rabao. He will not mention his name - he will tell you to track down the grandson that used to live in a tent somewhere in Altepa Desert.
  • Obtain an Oak Pole and head to Rabao.
  • Leodarion will ask you for the Oak Pole. Trade it to him and wait until the next Vana'diel day before speaking to him again. He will then give you the KeyItemSeance Staff and tell you to head to Mhaura.
Leodarion will not accept an Oak Pole +1.
Please take note not to get an Oak Staff
  • From Mhaura, board the ferry to Selbina around 16:00 or midnight (if you are boarding from Selbina, take the ferry that departs 16.00, and re-board in Mhaura).
    • NM will NOT spawn on the Selbina to Mhaura ride.
    • If you board the 16:00 ferry to Selbina, the NM will spawn at 20:00.
  • Be careful not to board the ferry to Al Zahbi by mistake. Check with the npc to see where the ship is heading.
    • When you board the ferry there's a chance Pirates will spawn on the ferry. The NM will spawn before the pirates commence boarding the ship. (not true) Just had the NM spawn along with the pirates Kadian 15:51, February 3, 2013 (UTC)
  • Once you have departed, head onto the deck and a ghost named Enagakure will spawn.
    • Enagakure will only spawn from 20:00 to 4:00; like most Ghost type monsters.

  • You do not need to be Ninja for the NM to spawn; however, you must possess the KeyItemSeance Staff.
  • Does not spawn claimed.
  • Defeat Enagakure and Leodarion will meet you when the ship docks for a cutscene completing the quest.
    • If your inventory was full, you don't have to fight the NM again. Just make room in your inventory, zone out, then back into Selbina. The cutscene will play again.

Game Description

Ryoma (Quay, Norg)
The trick box you brought back to Norg has been identified as a fake. Your assistance is required in finding the real box. Start your search by pressing Ensetsu in Bastok for more information.
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