Family: Cravers
Crystal: None
Weak against: Varies
Resistant to: Varies

Abyssean Voidwalker Notorious Monster (Tier I)

Zone Level Drops Steal Spawns Notes
Abyssea - Tahrongi 79-80 Qmark ~4,800 HP
??? MP
A = Aggressive; NA = Non-Aggresive; L = Links; S = Detects by Sight; H = Detects by Sound;
HP = Detects Low HP; M = Detects Magic; Sc = Follows by Scent; T(S) = True-sight; T(H) = True-hearing
JA = Detects job abilities; WS = Detects weaponskills; Z(D) = Asleep in Daytime; Z(N) = Asleep at Nighttime; A(R) = Aggressive to Reive participants


  • Has no specific spawn point. To spawn this NM, rest while you have a KeyItemClear Demuline Abyssite to find how many yalms away the monster is, when you find him rest and it will say that it has materialized.
  • Spawned using Clear Demuline Abyssite. Tier 1 Abyssea - Tahrongi VNM.
  • Easily Grav'd, bound and slept by BLM.
  • Uses standard craver moves. Also seems to occasionally triple attack.
  • Easily soloable by RDM80 with any sub using kite method.

(see videos)

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