Grants the effect of Warcry to user and any linked allies.


  • Family: Behemoth, Orc, Quadav, Yagudo
  • Type: Enhancing
  • Can be dispelled Yes
  • Utsusemi/Blink absorb: N/A
  • Range: Self and nearby mobs of same family and/or force up to 20'.
  • Note: Unlike the Warrior's job ability, this expends the mob's TP as a weapon skill rather than function as a job ability. Much like the job ability, this applies to all nearby members of the same family, and any other mobs linked with it (e.g. warmachines). In Campaign Battles, it applies to all members of the Beastmen Confederate in its range.
  • Note: Increases Attack by 25%.
  • Note: Lasts 180 seconds if left undispelled.