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How the Dice Rolls
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Starlight Greetings!

Are you all enjoying the celebration? That husband of mine just can't seem to get a card that I can use!

Whenever the Starlight Celebration comes, I have a picture of my husband and I taken in the same place every time. So have things changed since we took our last snapshot, or are they the same as ever?

I personally prefer to spend the night peacefully staring up at the stars, but many adventurers seem to just want to break loose and get into the party mood.

Shops were also set up for the festival. "Where there's a crowd, there're sales to be made," or so claims my skilled merchant friend Basann, and judging by the shopkeepers raking in the gil under the festival decorations, I can see he has a point.

One rather unusual merchant stood out in the throng. Swarms of grinning, eager adventurers and card deliverers were crowded around Milliongetter (real name not used for privacy purposes), regardless of the fact that he did not seem to be selling anything.

???: I told you that you should have quit while you had the chance!

???: What would you know? You haven't won a game since you started, either!

I cut in and asked a few questions before the next person got a word out.

-So what is it exactly that you're selling…?

Milliongetter: Hey, don't get the wrong idea, lady. This is a serious game of dice, here!

-Are you earning quite a bit with this game?

Milliongetter: Nah…well, I suppose it's decent. This is what I do for a living, after all (grin).

-Don't some people get upset when they lose?

Milliongetter: Well, if nobody loses, I don't eat! But it's the people that keep losing who keep coming back to try their luck. I know this one guy whose clothing has become a lot more ragged lately. I've even told him myself to give it up. I want people to enjoy the game with their spare change, not their main earnings!

-Even so, it looks like you've got quite a few people willing to give the dice a roll or two.

Milliongetter: Well, I don't have any goods to sell, but everyone dreams of becoming an instant millionaire. I mean, you can eat sole sushi every day, or you could survive off of wild onions. Everyone's got wild hopes.

-Wow. Isn't it a difficult job, though?

Milliongetter: It's definitely tough. There are some people who look down on this kind of competition, so certain places are pretty unfriendly. I've heard that in some places the people'll even try to chase you right out! But me, I try to be extra courteous to those around me. No matter how much my patrons enjoy the game, I could easily still put a halt to my business by offending the other people in the area. And then, there is the fact that no one wants to play a game that simply can't be won, but I'd be out of business if nobody lost! I learned that lesson the hard way when I was new at all of this. It's a delicate balance, and it's difficult to be discrete, but that's my job. To be anything in this line of work, you gotta use what's up here…

Then Milliongetter pointed at his gray-haired head and grinned.

-Do you have any other interesting stories you want to mention?

Apparently one of my patrons who won big has started a business with the gil. I've heard he's an impressive craftsman. This here's a hat he made for me. Looks nice, doesn't it? I haven't seen him lately, though. I wonder if he's still making money… I'm happy for him, but I wish he’d show his face around here more often.

-Thank you very much. Keep up the good work!

Milliongetter: Thanks. Next time you should try your hand at the dice, too!

In an instant, he was surrounded by a crowd of adventurers again, their fervor bringing warmth to the chilly air. Victory was accompanied by shouts of joy, somehow different from the excitement of triumph in battle against monsters. Then, it was my turn. Feeling sweat form on my brow, I clenched the dice in my hands.

And with a great shout, my eventful day ended, and I headed for home.

Tathuma: Welcome home! Today you were out to interview about some game, right? Surely it all came to your biggest gamble of all—marriage, right?

Myhal: Not this time. Marriage was one safe bet for me! Well, time for dinner, now!

Tathuma: Ahaha, you flatter me. What’s this? This is all you’re going to give me to eat?

Myhal: Uh, yeah. You know, I think that this month we should stress the importance of "economizing." Remember, "waste not, want not!"

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 14

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