Type: BCNM
Zone: Horlais Peak
          Level: No restriction.
          Members: 18
          Time: 30 minutes
Orb: Themis Orb (99 Kindred's Seals)






Chlevnik x 1




Possible Rewards

Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

One of:
Libation Abjuration (16.9%)
Kriegsbeil (26.8%)
Shinsoku (9.9%)
Nokizaru Shuriken (8.5%)
Guespiere (7%)
Purgatory Mace (8.5%)
Meteor Cesti (22.5%)
One of:
Oblation Abjuration (16.9%)
Unsho (1.4%)
Harlequin's Horn (23.9%)
Dreizack (8.5%)
Gawain's Axe (25.4%)
Zen Pole (18.3%)
Bayard's Sword (7%)
One of:
Behemoth Hide (53.5%)
Behemoth Horn (36.6%)
Healing Staff (4.8%)

One of:
Demon Horn (9.9%)
Petrified Log (7%)
Raxa (7%)
Rainbow Cloth (2.8%)
Hi-Reraiser (11.3%)
Petrified Log (21.1%)
Philosopher's Stone (14.1%)
Gold Ore (5.6%)
Mythril Ore (8.5%)
Coral Fragment (7%)
Mahogany Log (8.5%)
Wyvern Scales (4.2%)
Darksteel Ore (4.2%)
Ram Horn (7%)
Ebony Log (8.5%)
Reraiser (2.8%)
Platinum Ore (4.2%)
Vile Elixir (4.2%)
Vile Elixir +1 (???%)

One of:
Behemoth Tongue (26.5%)
Behemoth Horn (29.6%)
Strength Potion (15.5%)
Dexterity Potion (7%)
Agility Potion (14.1%)
Vitality Potion (11.3%)

One of:
Mind Potion (16.9%)
Intelligence Potion (7%)
Charisma Potion (11.3%)
Icarus Wing (15.5%)
Angel Lyre (25.4%)
Emerald (9.9%)
Spinel (4.2%)
Ruby (5.6%)
Diamond (2.8%)
One of:
Hi-Ether +3 (29.6%)
Hi-Potion +3 (22.5%)
Hi-Reraiser (19.7%)
Vile Elixir +1 (28.2%)

One of:
Coral Fragment (14.1%)
Raxa (1.4%)
Demon Horn (11.3%)
Gold Ore (2.8%)
Mythril Ore (8.5%)
Vile Elixir (5.6%)
Ram Horn (2.8%)
Petrified Log (29.6%)
Platinum Ore (1.4%)
Mahogany Log (5.6%)
Wyvern Scales (7%)
Granite (4.2%)
Darksteel Ore (4.2%)
Ebony Log (4.2%)
Hi-Reraiser (4.2%)
Gold Thread (11.3%)
Rainbow Cloth (2.8%)
One of:
Raxa (12.7%)
Malboro Fiber (5.6%)
Philosopher's Stone (22.5%)
Phoenix Feather (42.3%)
Damascene Cloth (7%)
Damascus Ingot (4.2%)
Beetle Blood (8.5%)

One of:
Petrified Log (56.3%)
Lacquer Tree Log (29.6%)
Shining Cloth (1.4%)
Divine Log (14.1%)

All of:
Beastly Shank


  • Like all KSNM fights, buffs do not wear upon entering the battlefield.
  • Chlevnik uses the attacks:
Kick Out
Wild Horn
Shock Wave
Flame Armor
  • Casting range for Meteor is 30.0 units.
  • As Chlevnik uses the ability Meteor each subsequent attack will increase in potency.
  • WILL NOT cast Meteor while bound. It -can- meteor within the first two-three seconds of being bound, or right before and right after bind wears off, but it won't cast meteor in the rest. **Nevermind, It -can- but it almost never will.**
    • If the person with hate is outside casting range then no, of course he will not cast meteor. If they move within casting range, he will cast. He will also cast on anyone that is close to him when he is bound, which can result in an unavoidable meteor. Bind has absolutely no effect on his casting frequency.
  • At 1% health Chlevnik will use an almost instant Meteor much like a Ninja type mob in Dynamis uses Mijin Gakure. It is possible for this move to do upwards of 3000 damage if Meteor has been used several times during the fight. This move will deal damage to anyone within 40.0 units from Chlevnik.


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