Start NPC Ayame (A) - Abyssea - Konschtat at I-13 (Base Camp)
Requirements Abyssea - Konschtat access
Items Needed KeyItem Piece of Dried Ebony Lumber
KeyItem Rainbow Pearl
KeyItem Chipped Wind Cluster
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward None, possibly fame Exclamation
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None Of Malnourished Martellos


  • Flag the quest at Ayame (A) (Base Camp), who wants you to collect 3 key items in order to repair the barriers. These can be found in Repair Trunks scattered about the encampment (including behind the maw and past the ward). Once you have obtained all three items, talk to Raibaht (A), who is standing next to the Searing Ward.
  • Return to Ayame to complete the quest.

Game Description

Ayame (A) (Central Command, Abyssea - Konschtat)
The searing ward that serves as the last line of defense against the fell hordes of the highlands has suffered critical damage in an attack. Procure repair materials from the base and deliver them to the engineer Raibaht before the fiends return!
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