Start NPC Gentle Tiger (S) Bastok Markets (S) (H-6)
Requirements Complete Quelling the Storm and be on mission Crossroads of Time
Items Needed Key ItemFlare Grenade
Title Granted Detector of Deception
Repeatable No
Reward Elixir Tank
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Quelling the Storm Mission:
Crossroads of Time

Beneath the Mask



  • The fight is in Everbloom Hollow against an Arch Ahriman.
  • Arch Ahriman has approximately 13,000 HP.
  • Time limit is 30 minutes.
  • Experience points are lost when dying.
  • Reraise will wipe if you are ejected from the battle.
  • Only party members with a Flare Grenade may enter (unless they have already completed this quest).
  • Throughout the fight, the Arch Ahriman will transform several times into one of your allies: Five Moons, Volker, & Nicolaus, who are significantly weaker. Once the doppelganger is dead, it transforms back to its initial form and HP progress.
  • This occurs whenever Arch Ahriman casts Blindga, which is cast at instant speed.
  • Note that when it changes forms hate is reset.
  • Physical damage is recommended to kill the Arch Ahriman, due to elevated Magic Defense.
  • The ally doppelgangers you have to fight will use skills based on their weapon. However, they do not have much HP and can be taken out by 2-3 strong weapon skills, such as Tachi: Gekko.
  • Five Moons attacks rather quickly. It may be difficult to recast Utsusemi without haste and slow.
  • Can use single Tier IV nukes, Tier III agas, Elemental Debuffs, Blaze Spikes, and Sleepga II.
  • Will not move into melee range until it falls below a certain hp level. This may be a good time to kite and recover HP/MP.
  • Having someone with Stun magic is highly recommended to deal with the -ga spells and single target tier IV (if the tank has no shadows).
  • Once the Arch Ahriman is dead, return to Gentle Tiger (S) for the final cutscene and your reward, an Elixir Tank.
    • Note:You may wish to hang onto an Elixir (alternatively, the Elixir Tank itself) if progressing along the Bastok (S) quest line, as it will be needed later in The Truth Lies Hid. Elixir sources are rather rare.

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Game Description

Nicolaus (Entrance to Metalworks, Bastok Markets)
A disconsolate Five Moons has departed for the Vunkerl Inlet, driven by the desire to attain closure over the death of his former hero and role model, Darksteel Hurricane. Follow your Mythril Musketeer comrade and offer him support in this time of need.