Familiar summoned by using the Beastmaster's Call Beast ability.

Familiar Jug Level Available Pet Level Cap Ready abilities
Homunculus (Black Mandragora) Alchemist Water 23 75

Historical Background

In medieval European occultism, the homunculus is a small, false (artificial) human being created through alchemy. It only stood 12 inches tall. It would usally act as a Familiar for an alchemist. The recipe for making a Homunculus is a bag of bones (human or animal is not specified), human sperm, and skin fragments and hair mixed together and deposited in horse manure for 40 days. At this point, an embryo will develop with a small, transparent human inside. It would need to be nourished with human blood every day thereafter for 40 weeks, still buried in manure. At that point it becomes effectively functional. Homunculus is Latin for "little man" (more specifically "Man (diminutive)").

Homunculus is also used to refer to a distorted human figure used to represent the relative space our body parts occupy on the somatosensory cortex and the motor cortex. Some parts of our bodies are more sensitive than others as a result of having more nerve endings in those parts. A sensory-motor homunculus is an artistic representation of what the human body would look like if each part grew in comparison to the amount of nerves in those parts. Further reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homunculus