Type: ENM
Zone: Bearclaw Pinnacle
          Level: 75
          Members: Recommended: 6 | Maximum: 18
          Time: 30 minutes
Key Item: Zephyr Fan





Apis x 1






Zero to One of:
Dragon Bone (???%)
Eltoro Leather (???%)
Cassia Lumber (???%)
Zero to One of:
Cloud Evoker (???%)
Zero to One of:
Martial Bow (???%)
Martial Knuckles (???%)
Gigant Mantle (???%)
Psilos Mantle (???%)
Scroll of Raise III (???%)
Zero to One of:
Martial Bow (???%)
Martial Knuckles (???%)
Gigant Mantle (???%)
Psilos Mantle (???%)
Scroll of Raise III (???%)


  • To enter the battlefield, talk to Zebada in the Uleguerand Range (F-12).
  • Zebada will give you the Cotton Pouch.
  • Go on the western slope and slide down at E-9. Start at the leftmost side of the edge and walk right until you start to see humps on the edge, this is about the right place to slide down. When sliding you can move left and right, try and aim for the hump on the slope, you want to land on the southmost ledge just above the bottom of the slope.
  • Enter the cave behind you at F-8 to find the Chamneat Spring; trade the Cotton Pouch to the spring to receive the Chamnaet Ice.
  • Return to Zebada and trade him the Chamnaet Ice to receive the Zephyr Fan key item.
  • In Uleguerand Range, slide down the south slope at F-9 and aim for the protrusion at the bottom, shown in the image to the right. Run in and follow the path until you zone into Bearclaw Pinnacle. You will see the Wind Pillar ahead and you click on this to enter the Holy Cow ENM.
Bearclaw holycow visual

Holy Cow entrance as seen from the top center of the G-11 grid, looking North-Northwest

  • Only one of the four battlefields in Bearclaw Pinnacle can be completed every 5 Earth days.
  • Apis must be defeated in order to win this ENM.
  • Apis is immune to Charm.
  • It's important to note that Apis will occassionally switch physical and magical immunites (signaled by the 2-hour animation.)
  • It is possible for him to have both immunities up at once. (Tested with Ninja nukes during physical immunity stage.)
  • Possible Power increase triggered by time or HP Exclamation
  • NIN/(WHM or THF) or THF/NIN can solo this ENM. Evasion and Haste gear required with the use of sushi. Getting hit is not an option, can hit up to 1400. Has TP move that bypasses shadows that does 100~200 dmg, knockback effect. Bloody Bolts proc, but bring Hi-Potions to ensure safety. Reraise advised and fight away from circle. One mistake can cause death, so a second chance might be necessary.
  • THF/NIN solo attempt not recommended. With full evasion setup he is easily tanked, but thf damage output is too weak to make any noticable effect on Apis' HP. Especially if you pop sushi for soloing rather than meat. Recommended to bring at least a mage to DoT him and nuke when he's phys immune.
  • Apis uses Mighty Snort which is a hate reset.

29/8/08 Discovery of Double attacking and Triple attacking. Resisted Blind approximately 50% with capped ninjutsu skill.

NorAlaiN solo video guide

NorAlaiN - FFXI holy cow ENM RDM NIN solo (3 mins only)

NorAlaiN - FFXI holy cow ENM RDM NIN solo (3 mins only)

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