Start NPC Apururu (A) - Abyssea - Tahrongi
Requirements Abyssea - Tahrongi Reputation 1
Items Needed Key ItemRipe starfruit
Repeatable No
Reward 200 cruor
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None When Good Cardians Go Bad


  • Talk to Kupipi (A) at the Central Encampment.
  • Next, talk to Apururu (A). The quest will now be flagged.
  • Talk to Kopuro-Popuro (A) at the Western Encampment (F-9) (Conflux #03) and click on the Bottomless Box. He'll tell you to be cheerful to his box (try various happy emotes like /joy, /cheer, /smile, to the Bottomless Box. /dance1 through 4 also work)
  • Kopro-Popuro gives you 2 clues, and you have to do those 3-4 emotes to the bottomless box 3 times. The emotes are working if the bottomless box gives you a different reason why it doesn't have the ripe starfruit.
  • It should give you a Key ItemRipe starfruit.
  • Take it back to Apururu to receive 200 cruor.

Game Description

Apururu (A)
Apururu lacks the starfruit needed to construct Cardians to protect her embattled countrymen. Travel to the northwestern encampment and procure one from the supply of the eccentric Kopuro-Popuro.