Start NPC Toppled Tree - Marjami Ravine (M-7)
Requirements Key ItemPioneer's Badge
Items Needed Key ItemLarge strip of Velkk hide
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Key ItemPair of Velkk gloves
Key Item"Climbing"
500 bayld
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None None


  • Talk to Toppled Tree at the site of the Frontier Station in Marjami Ravine M-7, who asks for a Key ItemLarge strip of Velkk hide.
  • Travel to the eastern, lower level of (K-10). Biv #1 is the closest waypoint. Otherwise this requires passing through three colonization reives (L-9, K-8, and K-11) on the way there that require Key Item"Demolishing" to win.
  • Examine the Velkk cache to obtain the Key ItemLarge strip of Velkk hide. The target is near a Velkk hut in the eastern part of K-10.
  • Return to Toppled Tree at (M-7) and give him the Key ItemLarge strip of Velkk hide.
  • Travel southwest from Toppled Tree to the border of (K-7/8) (Its a short distance away immediately to the path southwest in the same area) and examine the Scalable Area vine target for a cutscene which completes the quest and rewards the "Climbing" survival skill, which allows players to climb up and down vines throughout Ulbuka by interacting with Scalable Area targets at either end.
    • You are now able to climb vines in East Ulbuka Territory by examining Scalable Areas. Note that some vines are not scalable yet.

Game Description

Toppled Tree (Frontier Station, Marjami Ravine)
Procuring Velkk hide is a necessary step in fashioning a set of gloves to scale the precarious cliffs and thorny vines in Eastern Ulbuka. Head for the Velkk encampment located to the southwest and steal some hide from their repository.