Start NPC Nyzul Isle entrance, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
Requirements Treasures of Aht Urhgan
3-6 party members
Items Needed Athena Orb (only one member needs to have an orb)
Title Granted Unsung Heroine or Epic Heroine
Repeatable Yes
Reward None

This side quest does not appear in the quest log.


  • Once you enter the battlefield, you have 5 poles you can trigger, numbered 1 through 5. Those are numbered in order of difficulty. Each portal has a single dungeon floor, Nyzul Isle-style, but with very little randomization.

1 = Lion (Easiest) 2 = Prishe 3 = Nashmeira 4 = Lilisette 5 = Mumor (Hardest)

Dungeon Sections




  • Enemies: Nashmeira, Mnejing, Ovjang
  • Cheerleader: Luzaf
  • Nashmeira herself is less dangerous than her puppets.
  • Her weapon skill Imperial Authority causes damage to one target, knocks them back, stuns, and resets hate. She runs around randomly for a while after using this move.
  • Nashmeira has a high reduction to damage taken until her automatons are defeated.
  • The real danger lies with her 2 puppets: Mnejing and Ovjang.
  • Ovjang is a Spiritreaver, spamming --ga IV and V spells.
  • Mnejing is a Valoredge, focusing on Automaton Weapon Skills.
  • One strategy here is to kill the BLM first, then just go for Nashmeira.
  • She has some abilities that can hurt a bit, but if you downed the BLM without too much trouble, you are essentially in the clear.



  • Enemy: Mumor
  • Cheerleader: Uka Totlihn
  • Mumor is the most dangerous one.
  • EXTREMELY high HP.
    • On the test servers, with all have relic gear (no Item Levels) the fight literally took ~25mins.
  • Mumor casts tier V nukes, and tier IV -ga and -ja nukes.
  • Lovely Miracle Waltz: Single target damage, knockback, and terror
  • Shining Summer Samba: Single target damage, defense and magic defense down
  • Super Crusher Jig: Single target damage, knockback, full dispel
  • Neo Crystal Jig: AoE damage, knockback, attack and magic attack down
  • Many of her abilities wipe shadow images.
    • A well-geared paladin should be decent.
  • The meat of the fight happens at 25% when the music changes to the Shadow Lord theme.
  • At this point, her HP is restored to 50%, she speeds up significantly, deals additional damage, and gains a damage reduction trait.
  • New abilities in phase 2:
    • Eternal Vana Illusion: Single target high damage
    • Final Eternal Heart: 20' AoE Instant KO.
      • She uses an ability below 25% that inflicts instant death to anyone who does NOT stand close to her. Once she is about to do this, Uka Totlihn will say in chat: "I have a bad feeling about this... All of you! Get close to Mumor before it's too late!" Roughly 15 seconds after, she does the ability.


  • Once all five heroines have been defeated, the run will end immediately and the title "Unsung Heroine" will be granted to all party members.

All together

  • If the Holdfast is reentered by someone who has already completed the battle and obtained the "Unsung Heroine" title , a new sixth lamp will be present.
  • Teleporting through this lamp brings the party to a final battlefield where you must fight all of them at once: Lion, Prishe, Nashmeira, Lilisette, Mumor, Mnejing, and Ovjang.
  • Note that in this version, they don't have nearly as much HP, they do not use their 'nasty' abilities (e.g., Lilisette does not divide), and they aren't nearly as powerful.
  • One strategy is to have someone kite all of them around the room, while the rest of the group eliminates them in order: BLM pup, WHM pup, Prishe, Lilisette, Lion, Nashmeira and then Mumor.
  • Completing this final battle awards the title "Epic Heroine".


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