«FFXI-Movie» 0067 - Her Majesty's Garden

«FFXI-Movie» 0067 - Her Majesty's Garden

Game Script

Her Majesty's Garden Part 1 - Chateau d'Oraguille
Part one only seems to be available to players whose native country (the country you start the game in) is San'doria. Race may also be a factor.

Chalvatot: Me name's Chalvatot. I be the gardener here, you see.

Chalvatot: Don't reckon I've seen you before. A new recruit, are you?

Claidie: What is the matter, Chalvatot?

(Claidie walks over)

Chalvatot: Ah, Your Highness! This stranger just came bargin' in here, so I was about to tell--

Claidie: Wait... I've heard of someone like you.

Claidie: Why, you're a new adventure, are you not?

Claidie: My name is Claidie I d'Oraguille.

Chalvatot: Why, he's/she's but a vagrant! There's no need for Your Highness to address him/her so!

Claidie: Now, now, Chalvatot. He/She has come to bolster the strength of our kingdom. Adventurers deserve our gratitude!

Claidie: You are <Player's Name>, are you not? Forgive this rude reception.

Claidie: Strive always for the glory of our kingdom! May we meet again, <Player's Name>.

(Claidie leaves)

Chalvatot: Hmph. Don't you get uppity, just because the princess saw fit to favor you with a few words. It don't mean a thing!

Chalvatot: I'm busy. If you don't mind, I'd appreciate a little peace and quiet!

Her Majesty's Garden Part 2 - Chateau d'Oraguille
Chalvatot: So, you like me garden, eh?

Understandably! 'Tis filled with the kindness of Queen Leaute, this place is.

Chalvatot: Working here, it's like I can feel the warm, merciful smile o' the queen shining down on me.

Chalvatot: Were Queen Leaute still alive, those two would never be fighting like they do now. Guess it's fate.

Chalvatot: Hmph. Why am I blabbering about this to the likes of you, eh?

Chalvatot: Since you seem to have taken a fancy to the garden, here, how's about lending me a hand?

Chalvatot: I got me a problem, see. No regular compost is good enough to make these flowers bloom the way they do.

Chalvatot: So I've been using chunks of Derfland humus as a special fertilizer, I have.

Chalvatot: Only, it be harder than skinning a wild sheep to get those knights off their shiny rumps to help, and now I'm running out.

Answer Yes

Chalvatot: Ah, now that's the answer I was expectin'. Queen Leaute'd be pleased, she would.
You get going then.

Her Majesty's Garden Part 3 - Chateau d'Oraguille
Chalvatot: Ah, thanks be to you. This will keep me flowers perky for weeks, it will.

Chalvatot: Here, it's no' much, but this is all I can spare. Take it, then.

Chalvatot: 'Tis hard for me to accept that the fair Queen Leaute's no longer in this world... Now there was a bonny flower, I tell you! The prettiest of them all!

Chalvatot: She always had a kind word, even for a lowly gardener such as meself. If Queen Leaute were around, things would be different in this kingdom. Things'd be right, they would!

Chalvatot: And...don't tell no one I telt you, but there's some mystery about the queen's death!
They say...

(Pieuje and Shamonde walk up behind you)

Pieuje: Chalvatot, it won't do to speak of rumors, now.

Chalvatot: Ah! P-Prince Pieuje! A-and Your Holiness!

Pieuje: You've given your best effort so that this garden my prosper, I hear. We owe you our gratitude.

Pieuje: not pry into the affairs of the royal house so. Necks that are stuck where they do not belong have a tendency to...fall of, shall we say.

Pieuje: Chalvatot, I expect you will be vigilant in keeping outsiders where they belong: outside.

Chalvatot: Y-yes, Milord. Never again. I'll no' let it happen again!

Pieuje: Very well. I've no intention of speaking harshly before my late mother.

Pieuje: Now, Your Holiness, pray for my mother's peaceful rest.

(Shamonde prays over the grave)

Obtained: Map of the Northlands Area

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