FFXIclopedia's Points and Level System

The FFXIclopedia experience is only as good as the community makes it. In order for FFXIclopedia to recognize fans who spend their time sharing with other fans on FFXIclopedia, we've come up with an automated point and level system.

Each time you hit the next level, give yourself a pat on the back and wear your new title with pride! It will appear not only on your profile page, but also on every comment you leave. It's a signal to other users that you are making FFXIclopedia the ultimate community of FFXI players. So get your rank up and show it off with FFXI pride!

Check out the tables below to see how the new points and level system works. And also, see FFXIclopedia's Top Users!

FFXIclopedia Levels
Points needed Title
1,200 Level 1
1,750 Level 20
2,500 Easy Prey
5,000 Level 30
10,000 Level 40
20,000 Decent Challenge
35,000 Level 50
50,000 Even Match
75,000 Level 55
100,000 Level 60
150,000 Tough
250,000 Level 65
350,000 Very Tough
500,000 Level 70
650,000 Incredibly Tough
800,000 Level 75
1,000,000+ Impossible to Gauge
Point Values
What to do Points you'll get
Signing up 1,000
Adding your first avatar 1,000
Editing a page in the main namespace 50
Editing a page in the category namespace 50

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